Ferguson best looking TUF fighter to date?

Guy is handsome. Your thoughts? Phone Post

You forgot about Matt Wiman???


Romodetector? Phone Post

Bonnar is one handsome bastard.

Wiman looked like Zack Galifinakis tonight. Phone Post

Ok. Since Bonnar. Phone Post

 Josh or Tony?

hmmmmm no Phone Post

Fergie looks good tonight! Phone Post

Vinny is just alright Phone Post

yes, Kevin Ferguson

Antonio Silva

He looks like a beaner crypt keeper

I bet you want him to replace Arrianny.

I actually looooooove Arianny. She is perdy. Phone Post

wes sims disagrees

Well the better looking man did not win tonight. Phone Post

Keith jardine wins this Phone Post

^ what was Zack Galfinakis doing cornering anybody? Phone Post