Fernando Tatis Jr. goes down swinging

That didn’t take long. How bummed are Padres fans tonight?


Fuck fuck fuck fuck Fuuuuuuuuuck everything. Well, at least I can still probably sell all my season tickets in stub hub now to opposing fans. Mother of all fucks…time to drown my sorrows…FUCK!!!

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We looked like dogs hit last night and even worse tonight. Now this…oh well, it was fun to dream for a few months. Back to the sad sack of shit reality that is being a Padres fan

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Imagine the millstone of a 300 million dollar contract on a player who is never the same again. I hope it’s nothing major, reminded me of the Conforto injury though. Conforto came back from it in pretty good shape though

If it’s a shoulder dislocation I’m saying torn labrum. Done for 3-4 months or else the entire season, depending on which surgery he opts for.

Pretty bad for a $300 million dollar man going down like this on a non contact injury

They’re saying shoulder subluxation

Based on how Tatis Jr. finishes when he swings, Tatis Jr. will probably have to change it to a two handed finish especially if he has shoulder issues. Might be far more problematic than simply missing the year. It could negatively impact his swing in the future.

That sucks.

It’s also why I never criticized Trout for accepting the monster contract with the Angels while knowing the organization is garbage. You just can’t predict health in sports. You have to take the money when it’s on the table.

This has been a lingering issue with his shoulder for a while and he should have gotten surgery in the offseason, but I guess they though my he could manage ot

I had that exact same injury in high school and pretty much everybody in here is spot on so far. He’s going to need surgery and he’s going to need to switch to a 2 handed follow through.

It’s a bummer for baseball overall, he is such an electric player

Hopefully the Otahni Sho can continue along with all the good rookies this year to keep excitement going