Fernando Tatis Jr. Juan Soto. Manny Machado. Might be the best trio in MLB history

Still have 12 games to play against you! See you this weekend :kissing_heart:

Me too lol

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If the Dodgers play .500 ball the rest of the season, the Padres would have to go 49W-16L the rest of the season to catch them.

Season 3 Episode 23 GIF by The Simpsons

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Its a drag because id love to see his numbers with 8-10,000 at bats but he’s not gonna get there.

I’m actually stoked the Padres pulled this off but that isn’t even the best trio in their division.

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Great trio but it doesn’t beat our nine.

  • the Dodgers


fuck ya!

That’s what is so hilarious about the Padres and their fans.

Finishing second is “fun” to them, lol

Decades of low standards will do that to you I guess.

Thank you for proving the meme to be correct :rofl:

Arod. .350 36HR 123 RBI
Kid. .303 49HR 140 RBi
Jay buhner .270 44HR 138 Rbi
Edgar .327 26HR 103 RBI


And Randy Johnson on the mound too….unbelievable they choked and didn’t win the world series

Lost to the Yankees in the al

Yankees had 7 guys hitting .295 and better lol

They weren’t the bombers. But fuck they could hit… and pitch. Wetland and Rivera for 7-9. Lights out

Haha as a Dodger fan I gotta admit this one is good.