Fernando Vargas's nutritionist

i read somewhere that fernando's nutritionist and fitness coach was robert ferguson. does anyone know if this is the same robert ferguson who made bold claims of being a 'world class grappler' back in the late 90's on the UG and was called on it? one would think this is the same guy since they're both from oxnard. for those who've been around that long, this is the cat who turned down an offer of $1,000 by a 50 yr old blue belt if he could tap him out (something a 'world class grappler' should easily be able to do).
if this is the guy i'm thinking of, he sure has come a long way from being the laughing stock of the grappling community to now being on vargas's team.

At which point Vargas tested positive for steroids and fired his Steak & Chicken coach.

Robert Ferguson was still Vargas's nutritionist last I saw, and it looks like he did a good job helping Nando get down to 54 for the Mosley fight.

Ferguson also fought MMA a few times, and lost a decision to Gil Castillo a few years ago.