Is it possible to send those last 3 mats or are they soulbound? If you can send the mats I promise to send them back! My heart was broken yesterday when I had all day to play because the GF stayed at home and you were nowhere to be found :( and everybody was up for a DM run.. Instead I spent a good amount of time leveling my tailoring which sucked asssssssss

Never rely on an Irishman

seriously... who does he think he is for having a life outside of WOW... sheesh.. :-P

I heard he was levelling his Gnome warrior and avoiding you

lol GNOMES :(

damn pikey! I could so see him rolling a dirty little gnome.. YUCK!

LOL -take it back :-)

Pity Sikth wasn't there too. That long ass fight gives me a headache. That was fun when we tryed to fight the whole instance at once. I couldn't see the forest for the trees :-)

and by the way you need:

*J'eevee's Jar

*Black Lodestone

*Xorothian Glyphs 

The last 2 are Bop....

So (for future reference) u can do the Scholo bit with me being there but not DM West...


:-o posted in 2007 and it's now almost 2011 and I'm again thinking of playing this game again... the addiction is unreal

LOL - not for me :-)

Don't think she plays anymore...

Twunt may be back for the patch though.

 twunt hs been back a few weeks =)

 I remember spending way more gold doing the dreadsteed quest than what the regular mount cost. 

I should have listened to the old EQ players and rolled a lock on day instead of rerererolling Phone Post

dangerboy12 -  I remember spending way more gold doing the dreadsteed quest than what the regular mount cost. 

Yeah - lucky I had you guys to help me too..
I thought it a bit crap when they started just giving them away..

Badmutafuka - back on euro servers, I hear :( :( :(

I miss twunt's kenny rogers songs and watching ferox all liquired up go to sap a mob but forget he's not stealthed up and get gang banged :(

Yeah - having 5-8 hours time difference/drinking time can be dangerous.

JkdSam - I would reactivate my account, but last time I logged in, I felt physically sick in my stomach. I raided up to the beginning of BT, and at the point when I quit, WoTLK was still a couple months away...I couldn't stand to play anymore. I do miss it..but I think it's the first run through on Frostwolf that I miss...not the game itself.

 hold the phones....

who is your favourite air-con installer of all time?

Yeah I should have Sam but you ran with the felguard and it just kinda looked meh. One must play affliction to appreciate affliction which is what makes me love the class. :) Phone Post

Good times.. hopefully there will be another game that gets everybody together again like the old days.. Maybe Diablo 3 will be that game.

JkdSam - haha...not dropping names here, but he did smack the taste out of emmanuel yarborough's mouth.

WOW - hey man - how are you???

Nope not at all..

I did level a Gnome lock to 80 on Euro servers with Twunt..