Ferrall over MMA ? I kinda feel the same.

satelite radio sports man Ferrall took a few calls the other night on his radio show. In the past he has been a big fan of MMA and hyped up fights. Talked to fighters etc..

The other night He talked about how embarrasing the Kimbo fight was. He discussed other stuff too.

Anyway he use to go to the UFC's to do his show and stuff. He said lately MMA/The UFC is weak, and his passion for the UFC/MMA has faded. This time of year he was all about college football and NFL even NHL.

He also said the way The UFC puts on lackluster events and keeps trying to feed Chuck Liddel to us is getting old.

Then some dumb ass caller calls in, and says something about Liddel getting beat up by Fedor in that one fight ?

LOL. Ferrall was like WTF ? They never fought.

Anyway I have been a MMA fight fan since way back, been to KOTC and many UFC shows. Use to order every pride, UFC and shit like that. I use to train BJJ and read all the fighter sites.

But anymore Im kinda like Ferrall. Im not much into UFC reality show, and think most UFCs lately have been kinda lame. IMO the best event lately has been Affliction and UFC
still trying to put free shows up to it on TV is kinda annoying.

Anyone else feeling like MMA isnt near as exciting as it use to be ? I dont know maybe its because its college football season.

Im still excited to see Fedor fight anyone and Randy Couture
VS Brock, and Anderson Silva fight aswell.

Ya good point, for sure some good fights.


Ferrall is no MMA expert and did come off like kinda a dick on his show. It was still cool listening to a radio show talk about MMA. I was kinda pissed at first about his position on it, but I do kinda feel the same on it.

Yeah, I'm not that into it anymore. I'll watch if Anderson Silva or someone I know personally is fighting, but otherwise I'd rather watch boxing on ESPN Classic. I'm more excited about this Texas/Oklahoma football game than any fight I've seen in a while.

i kinda agree with him...i am sick to death of Liddell and the hype he gets..he has been destroyed several times and his game has been exposed....he is not nor ever will be champion again...

the ufc really needs another top mdwt to match A Silva upw ith...theres no one in that division that can touch him...that hurts the ufc...

the ltwt division is almost a stalemate...you take the hundred or so ltwts and match them against each other(griffin, guida, diaz, sherk, florian, huerta) and 90% of the matchups will end up as a decision...thats no good..

randy coming back to hvwt is great..

I agree 100% that MMA is much less interesting now. So many of the fights have a hidden agenda where a certain fighter is "supposed" to win so they are feeding him a can, or even flat out paying off his opponent. It is often very easy to predict the outcome of almost an entire card. However, I cant for the life of me understand the Chuck Liddell thing. I can understand if people are sore because Chuck became a UFC poster boy, that much is true. But to claim he was protected is just plain insane. Chuck spent his entire career fighting the best guys available at the time. He never took breaks to smash tomato cans and collect easy KOs. He is past his prime now, but you wont see him going to Japan to kick a few pro wrestlers in the head and do some fancy ring enterances. I dont undestand how fighters like Silva (a great fighter) get all the respect when they spent half their career smashing silly tomato cans, then Chuck gets hatred after running out of gas fighting only the best.

It's been 2 months since the last big card. UFC 87, with GSP and Lesnar, was the last time the UFC made a big push with it's star power.

Several of the recent event have been lesser shows like Fight Nights or TUF finales. Too many of those close together is probably a bad idea.

Some of the fights that should have been good on paper fizzled in reality, like Alves-Hughes and Werdum-Vera.

It's a bit of a slump, but I'm not done with MMA.

pwdminotauro - Ferrall is just full of shit. He doesn't know shit about mma and he's admitted that himself on multiple occassions. But it's much worse than that Ferrall is an absolute ingnoramus about mma.

Ferrall new position about mma appears to be driven by the ufc dropping him and his stupid show as advertisers. Ferrall used to get paid to go the ufc events and do a radio show before the fights. It appears the ufc canned his untalented ass and he no longer gets the gigs.

So Ferrall's change in attitude appears to be a direct result of the ufc canning him!

Dana probably figured out the only about 20 people tuned into Ferrall's Sirius radio show.

Ferrall sucks!

You are just being ad-hominem. Even if Ferrall has a self serving interest, that doesn't mean that what he is saying isn't right. Attack the argument, not the arguer. That is, if you want to be logical.

I love listening to Ferrall!

With that said,

Ferrall will jump from one side of any topic to the other at any given moment. Call him tomorrow and he will say he loves MMA and boxing is dead. Just the way he is.

Also, I think he might be a little pissed that the UFC stopped hiring him to do a live radio show at the events.

IT WAS AWESOME NEWS!!! We don't have to hear him in the media room anymore!!!
Thank God


Theres lots of that going on in mma right now.

mma was best when both pride and the ufc were putting out great shows.

 "I dont undestand how fighters like Silva (a great fighter) get all the respect when they spent half their career smashing silly tomato cans, then Chuck gets hatred after running out of gas fighting only the best."

I agree completely. Wanderlei is one of my all-time favorites, but he had YEARS where he fought mostly sub-par competition. The only really lame matchup for Chuck was Vernon White.

i am sick to death of Liddell and the hype he gets..he has been destroyed several times...randy coming back to hvwt is great.."

I don't know if you're aware of this, but Randy has been "destroyed" more often than Chuck has, including twice by Chuck himself. Not sure why you're "sick to death" of Chuck and his hype but Randy has got you all in a lather.

Ferrall used to be the man but how can he be the man when he's not the man anymore.

The fanboys will never admit this, but the UFC destroyed this sport

Dead Again - I'm still pretty excited about the UFC the rest of this year. I don't like college football though.

Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote

Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir

Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva

Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans

Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben

Joe Stevenson vs. Kenny Florian

Demian Maia vs. Nathan Quarry

Nate Diaz vs. Clay Guida
Who TF would be interesting in:

Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir


Mir is a fucking JOKE and Nog is the #2 HW in the world for 5+ years. Cote is a shit can who fights moving backwards and was AFRAID to go toe-to-toe with Scott Smith.

These two fights are pretty lame also (but have some slight interesting points)

Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben

Demian Maia vs. Nathan Quarry

funk samurai - The fanboys will never admit this, but the UFC destroyed this sport
Took a HUMONGOUS shit all over it...I don't think it will EVER recover from the damage they have done...

That guy needed to be shot at Yamma.

I love MMA, but hey, it's not for everyone.

Was he dropped before or after his awesome YAMMA performance? His announcing job was the best part of the night.

I do recall him talking shit about the UFC at one point while they were still paying him, though. He made a comment about possibly being dropped for criticizing them but he didn't give a shit.

I actually think it was the Cincinnatti show when he was not brought out to do the pre-fight show when the shit talking began. I am fairly sure he knocked the undercard of that show, although I'm too lazy to look it up.

I am sure he'd blame the sport and not getting dropped, but there was a point where his attitude towards the UFC towards the end of them using his show as advertising. Just wondering if YAMMA was the final straw or if that was after the fact.