Ferrari 250GT SWB Cali Spider found in barn-France




Sixty classic cars unearthed after 50 years in massive barn find


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From Corvettes to Aston Martins, the rising prices commanded by classic cars — especially unrestored, mostly original examples — has created a goldmine for those who hunt for old vehicles rotting away unattended in some barn. Today, a French auction house revealed a discovery it called the King Tut of barn finds; a treasure trove of 60 European cars, including a rare Ferrari missing for decades, that had been slowly decaying in western France.

The Artcurial auction house says the cars belonged to a shipping magnate, Roger Baillon, who collected fine vehicles in the 1950s as part of a plan to build his own museum. When his business faltered in the 1970s, he sold off roughly half of his cars and simply left the rest parked in various states of exposure; some were in fully enclosed garages, but many were slightly protected from the elements by corrugated tin lean-toos....................








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It still blows my mind that barn finds like these still crop up in this day and age. How bananas would it be to find one on your property like that? One minute you're doing a bit of yard work, the next you're comfortably set for life. Phone Post 3.0

That ferrari looks fucking dope Phone Post 3.0

Those two in the garage still had air in the tires, huh? Phone Post 3.0