Few thoughts on padwork basics @Team Alpha Male

Threw down a few thoughts which I had watching Duane Ludwig's padwork at Team Alpha Male which was publicly available and thinking back on the developments which the fighters there have had over the year.

Fascinating stuff and I'll be rooting for them come Saturday evening.

Blogpost on Ludwig's padwork.

Just saw the Cage Potato article on the numbers. Fascinating stuff, unfortunately they did not look at takedown statistics. Most effects are likely not statistically significant but still..

BTW - if someone considers my blog a worthy read, spread the word. E.g on Sherdog as well, I know that quite a few are users there as well :) I've never been able to register - just do not get the confirmation emails.

In for training research. Phone Post 3.0

good observations.

If you parlay all the Alpha Male fighters competing tonight you can make a nice buck. If they all win of course :)

Alpha Male went 2-2 saturday night though 2-1-1 would've been more just.

One could still see the changing standup of all the guys - who could've though a year ago that Castillo can hang with Barboza?

Mendes was on top form early in standup and mixing it with takedowns. Too bad he didn't GNP more.

Benavidez - too brave against Johnson's power. Respect DJ!