Few Zdoroyve Questions

i asked similar question mr. sonnon here couple days ago, no answer yet.
on amerross.com they are selling frolov device, for breathing improvement,(?) i'm interested what folov device is good for.

btw, i've heard about power lung, and I'm curious too (that was part of my q too). can you give me more details about that article (name of magazine, issue, ...)? what's the conclusion, is it good device? it's pricey, about $100, must be good:) thanks a lot in advance!

I just have a few questions, and I'd sure appreciate it if you could answer them.
1. I'm interested in the "Be Breathed" tape. Will I reap the benefits from it even though I don't own the Dykhaniye tape?
2. The info about the video stated that "Be Breathed" is good for weight loss/cardio. Is the work out similar to calisthenics, yoga, step aerobics, etc?
3. The ads said something about Dykhaniye improving oxygen levels in the blood. Does this necessitate taking anti-oxidants or eating more greens?
4. I'm confused about the concept of tendon/joint strength. How do these differ from muscular strength? Isn't movement all in the contraction of the muscles? Why are bodyweight exercises better for joint strength than weight training?
5. What is the prime of life? I know a couple of people who insist that they are simply too old to do what they used to. They are in their early 30's. Please don't tell me we're all washed up at 30 years old.
6. Is there a dietary component of Zdoroyve?
7. Will the exercises contained in Polozheniye straighten the spine, or merely help maintain a straight spine after a chiropractic visit?
8. Is Zdoroyve designed to be a primary or supplemental exercise routine?
9. Are the breathing methods in "Be Breathed" similar to the methods in Dykhaniye?
On a side note I'm pleased that you will be appearing in Blackbelt again.

On a similiar vein, Scott, do you have any experience with breathing devices? My wife showed me an article in a bike magazine reviewing a device called the PowerLung. Are you familiar with it? It provides insp. and exp. resistance (with a graduated scale or resistance levels as you improve). Are these helpful? Useful? Any advice? :-)


Cau, I'll check when I get home on Monday. I believe it was "Bycycling Magazine"? My wife gets four different mags on bicycling so I am not sure. I did go their website to get more info. It is at www.powerlung.com. I too am curious if the frolov device works in a similiar way. Scott, what I was asking above was, is it worth getting...even though I currently do the breathing exercises daily? :-)

Thanks Scott! Appreciate it.