ff7 advent children

just finished playing ff7, never thought a storyline could be that good for a game. i heard the sequel is coming out as a movie, and it's supposed to be released soon. anyone have the latest info on when it's supposed to come out?

Still my favourite game on all time

one of the best FF games EVER! I love FF7 and I really want to see Advent Children.

Ugh, I know I'm not alone when I say that FF7 was one of the worst since FF2(Japanese)...

"Ugh, I know I'm not alone when I say that FF7 was one of the worst since FF2(Japanese)..."

one of the worst? compared to what?

FF7 had the best story line, best battle systems, materia conjunctioning was great.

The best story line? *Groans* What story line, you mean the story line that got completely lost about 2/3 into the game?

'Oh, my girlfriend got gacked, but I'm a bit busy right now, breeding giant chickens and trying to beat the weapons.'

Not to mention how the quality of translation also fled about the same time.

The ending was a non-resolution, the quest for the holy materia and such was quickly forgotten and nothing else really happened.

It was too much like an anime.

It was my favorite game as well.

the story was the best. it was filled with tragedy, and i like how they played up the topic of insanity. i loved it. you never see an adult theme like that in a game. the ending was open-ended for your interpretation. the last thing they needed was a peachy happy ending to ruin a good storyline. i tried playing ff10, and the theme had gotten soft, and got bored quick. anyway, i think the movie will resolve any issues about the end of the game.

movie looks like it's shaping up well. looks like they're going to put aeris in the movie because there's a picture of her on one of the sites.