FFA goes 2-0 @ Valdosta, GA

Just to clear some things up. In my fight in AFC last week I pre-mature tapped. I didnt get hit with a single solid shot, no concussion, no headeache, not even a single mark anywhere on my body. I was quite ashamed of myself as I was never mentally ready for that fight the whole day. It was NOT a ref stoppage. I can see how cunliffe may have thought it was from his vantage as where he was sitting he could only see my ass from the 4 point position. I remember clearly tapping though because i remember hearing the sound it made on the mat and how sick it made me feel hearing it.

I am glad to get another W.

Joseph: I am not sure if you have alterior motives or not but I will just assume you are looking out for the sport. Now think of this. I fight for a living. I make commitments to fight. I pay my rent by what I make in fighting. If you want to make a big stink about this, and I cant fight all year, I will have to consider doing something else for a living. If you want to pay my rent than by all means do. Otherwise please re-evaluate what your motives are and work towards the betterment of the sport and its fighters.



Thanks for everyones support,Special thanks to FFA, Charles, and One Dragon for giving me the tools, the courage, and strength to get the job done.




BIG Thanks to ALL the the crazy funny fuckin people I met and hung out with in GA. You guys are awesome, cant wait to go back and raise some more hell.


Congrats on your win in Georgia, great work.

It seems like it would have been more appropriate if you were contacted privately by Joseph Cunliffe if his intentions were more honorable. Jealosy is a terrible thing.....

Joe M

wickedroll = Peter Rivero !

Can a mod hook him up with a green name? :)

oh, cool, I had no idea that was him. Good fights by both Charles and Peter. Hope to see you guys up here again soon

If he was suspended by the state of FL and they find
out that he has fought duing that time they will pass
this information on to several other states. They
all work hand in hand. It will make it hard to fight
in their states for a long time.

well seems like Charles would know if he's suspended, and from what he's saying, he's not?

this all being worked out behind the scenes where it should of been adressed originally.

I would like to also state, this is not an attack on joseph cunliffe. He does ALOT of good for the sport and I think he does have the sports best interest in mind.

yes, Charles's commentary was the most dominant part of his fight

It was a creepy and entertaining fight to watch. It was awful when Charles let him go and he went face first to the mat, all limp. And it seemed like forever before anyone checked on him. But, it was obvious from Fenno's conversation with the paramedic that he was ok. He told him who he was, where he was, and what happened: "I got choked the fuck out".

The girl fellow forum member punchdrunk brought with us thought that guy had his neck broken and then got real upset when people were stepping over him after he had been choked out.

I was ringside, I thought he was seriously hurt. Thankfully he wasn't. But, it did get a little crazy in the ring before anyone checked on him.

I spoke with Jeff afterwards and he was fine. I was quite upset going into the match and I basically faught the whole thing in a rage. I didnt plan to do any of that but once you get in there stuff just happens :).

I'm really a nice guy outside of the ring! :)

Coursey, I'm glad to hear it. I guess some things feel like they are in slow motion. I look forward to seeing the tape.

whos is "im justa girl" ? I thought i met every girl in valdosta last week? :)

" I thought i met every girl in valdosta last week?"

You damn sure tried!!!!!!