FFA goes 2-0 @ Valdosta, GA

lol, she was imported from Vidalia for the show

Hey wasn't that crowd GREAT!?!

They seemed very educated, and it was a pleasure fighting in front of them.

yeah, the crowd was really good. i hadn't really thought to mention it. Most of the shows I've been to in Valdosta have had really educated and respectful crowds though

lolol charles that radio chick was hot! i didn't see her at the show, but she looked better than the hooters girls did. :P

lol, i didn't make it outside, it was packed when i showed up. :/

Joanna was quite hot and very sweet... I think she was a bit too sweet for me.

A girl like that, a real "peach", could probably tame you 'eh? :P

Just be wary, round here some of the peaches are rotten..lol, but i guess thats everywhere. My girls from Miami. :D

It's all good, Charles. Train SAFE.

BTW, Joe... "Jealosy is a terrible thing....." it's jealousy.

"I can see how cunliffe may have thought it was from his vantage as where he was sitting he could only see my ass from the 4 point position."

Well that explains why he wasn't paying attention to the actual fight.....

lol, no kidding

Congrats guys!!! :)


Team Casca Grossa



Thanks Joe, I am aware of the spelling....didnt know we were "graded" on these postings. I will be sure to try much harder on grammer, spelling and punctuatuion moving forward.

Joe M.