!! FFC 7 Pics !!

Another great show at FFC 7 ! Congratulations to all involved with the event. Here are some teasers...Still have a ton of shots to get through..will post them all soon.Thanks FFC / and the Fighters / and to new FriendsJason Braswell / Monkey Kung Fu fighting Champion ;)Some Random shots...Thanks Again and the doors open for business after the New Year.Merry Christmas , Happy Holidays

Just wanted to add that the above shots are not totally finished.




I was immediately behind O'Keefe and heard that knee land - I thought he was DONE. That was a solid hit! Helluva job falling into his opponent, getting the takedown and eventually working into that armbar. The guy showed some great heart.

The black and white Jason Braswell picture is excellent. Nice shot.

nice pics, i can't wait to see what else you've got.


we never got to see all the pics from FFC 6

I wanna see a pic of the Big KO.

I swear, it was the worst KO I've seen, live or otherwise. The ref was a little slow in stopping it.

Still it was a great punch that finished it.


Sorry that all the pics never went up at one time. I am getting much needed help in the New Year. This will allow me to focus solely on taking pictures and the post processing.

The web content and posting of pictures will be handeled by my partner.

I am juggling too many jobs and responsibilities, and I want to be a great father most of all, a good photographer second.

With that aside , everything will be posted and there should be no delays.

Russ /mmaphotos.com

cool, you do good work Russ.

Resident, didn't you fight? How'd you do?

Beautiful pics by the way!!!

JC won when his opponent quit after taking some punishment from under the mount. They were stood back up, and then his opponent quit. JC was pounding on him before the restart.

Great job Russ. You are a pimp!!!

Hurry up and get us the rest!


Put up more pictures now or we are going to come looking for you. Atleast put some pictures up of my guys.

No Love , you're the last guy I want to come looking for me ;)

And thanks Rob !

Coming soon !!

Ok, here's some more...enjoy. Everyone should be watching FFC , either on web PPV or in person. It's that good.

more pics of "canales" please man, that looked like it hurt....

nice pics