FFC is a great show.Respect Prater

Just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that FFC is definitely worth attending. Definitely worth fighting for too. Lee Coates and Rob Braniff are very professional and work very hard at making it a top notch event. They took extremely good care of the fighters and their crew. The Beau Rivage Casino is incredible.

Carlo Prater is an excellent fighter. He is a true martial artist as well as a fighter. His fighting ability is only surpassed by his character. I am looking forward to seeing him fight again. As long as he isn't fighting one of our guys, I will root for him. He has earned our respect and friendship.



Thanks, I definately want to see a rematch. The rest is up to Spencer and Monte. Spencer versus Melvin would be cool too. Sparks would fly.

I would love to have Prater come to train with us. I think he would bring alot up here. You guys ever consider visiting for a week or two, let me know. I cant put you up myself, but we might could find a place.

Joker, do you ever sleep? Im working, I have an excuse. Whats up with you man?

When you gonna fight?

Get your hands out your pants wolverine! :)


Umm...I never sleep either! ;)

ttt for true sportsmanship!!! :)

WTF BZLJJ? Get your hands out her pants!!


carlo prater is world class
he preform a bodylock and a reap at wil friday night


This has been said by anyone who has been to one a part of one.