FFC VII Review

the review is up on ffc.tv for FFC VII. a couple of people had asked me about it so i figured i'd let everyone know that lee had posted it. feel free to throw any criticism in my general direction. note, the format had to be slightly modified for it to be put on the website, but most of the content remains unchanged.

ttt for FFC. Seven was an awesome show. Expect to see it later on Bad Breed TV. It is also available as a web PPV (www.dataflix.com).

This is one of the best out there!

well seperate the paragraphs a but. Other then that, looks good.

ttt for Scoop Downweiser!!!

Nice write up David!

thanks guys. kyle, the paragraph separation was one of those things apparently lost in the transfer to the site (probably just to save a little room). i had some really nifty bold lettering too for the winners and method of victory,lol, but hey, the main thing is that its up now for people to view.

Good write up!

yeah I understand. Like I said, it looks good either way.


one last ttt

"feel free to throw any criticism in my general direction."

Your're funny looking and you smell wierd.

"Your're funny looking and you smell wierd"

lol, thanks for the heads up on that elmo.

Watch for yourself. Sorry, but Bout 1: John Cole vs. Lance "Terminator" Clements is not on the PPV. It will be on a future DVD. As for the review: Awesome, Professional, Non-Stop!



Good write up but you forgot to add J.C. fought like shit and still got a win.

j.c., did you check out the pictures on the ffc site yet? jose left you another message that i thought you'd want to check out. btw, thats good that you were disappointed in yourself considering you won in the first round. you are doing ok if a first round win bothers you. i just wrote everything up from an objective stand point as to how i thought the fight went. in spite of you knowing you could have performed better, you still did a good enough job to make your opponent quit early on (and you have to get some credit for that).

Yea it was a win but not in my eyes, i fought like shit and if i was in with a good fighter i might have lost and that just sucks arse. I did see the p[ics and his note, the pics are the only good thing about the fight other than the medal hangin on the wall.

JC, it is hard to look good in a fight like that. Also hard to look good period, ugly as you are.

KBeezy has beat the correct with an ugly stick.


Don't beat yourself up for your performance. You did win after all. That dude did some wacky stuff. I can't wait to see the footage. How does ones game plan stay in focus when a guy comes out like Genki Sudo or that dude from ZST that lays down, etc...(you guys have got to check the ZST guy out, he makes Genki look tame as far as the antics go)

Good Luck in the tournament


Thanks, i am training very hard and plan on bringin that belt home, even if i gotta jump the winner in the parkin lot.