FFC XIV Live Results

just to let everyone know, i'll be doing live results for tonight's ffc (8 man lightweight tourney). see ffc.tv for the full card.

Thanks man. Who are the 8?



Renat Myzrabekov


Kenny Jerrell


Roger Huerta


Steve Kinnison


Brian Fulton


Shannon Smith


Darrell Smith


Melvin Guillard


ttt for the young assassin!!!!

prelim bout starts in about 20 minutes. tourney starts a little after 8 (central). results will be on this thread.


jeff strickland ttt

I am excited about this one. I wish Santino Defranco was in the tourney but maybe he can fight the winner in the next show. Good luck to all fighters.

Mark Romano beat Timothy Moore by ref stoppage (strikes from side mount) 4:50 R2 (of a two round fight). Tournament starts next....

First Fight of Tourney is Myrzabekov vs. Jerrell

Jerrell wins action packed fight (ref stop to strikes from mount, R1). Renat came out with spinning back kick that landed. Renat got top position and was able to catch Jerrell in a heel hook. Jerrell toughed it out (it was tight) and eventually was able to get on top and finish with strikes. very good fight to start off.

kinnison/huerta first round-both guys were all over the ring rolling for kneebars,heelhooks, etc. huerta dominated positionally, but kinnison had good escapes. second round to begin...

R2 huerta dominates position and gets full mount. he landed some good punches, steve turned and huerta choked him out.

Huerta/Jerrell set for semi final one. Fulton/Shannon Smith up next, then Guillard/Darrell Smith.

ttt for results..great job

TTT for Crazy Kenny Jerrell

round 1, smith gets side after brief exchange and good td, misses with armbar. fulton then gets on top, goes for guillotine, but smith gets out. smith then lands armbar from his own guard, but fulton stomps him (illegally). smith is down and cannot continue. Winner by DQ Shannon Smith

Smith most likely won't be able to advance to semi's. Survivor rule in effect for this show. Not sure who would take his place (Renat or Kinnison). Guillard/Darrell Smith next.