Fiancee opposes me buying truck to tinker with.

for christ sakes, sell you 2012 honda and come home with fleet of 800$ trucks. Then down your trousers

Tell her it's a free country and you'll do what you want! Phone Post 3.0

Get 10-20 goats for $200 to deal with the 7 acres of lawn. She will beg you to buy a mower. Phone Post 3.0

You could choke slam her into a river Phone Post 3.0

TryhardNobody -

Im sure it will get much better after youre married

. Phone Post 3.0

You are obviously very financially responsible if you have a years salary in the bank. Why is she even questioning an $800 purchase? I'm not gonna tell you not to marry her, but you should be extremely cautious with this one. It sounds like it's more of a control thing than anything else Phone Post 3.0

This is like one of those suicide threads that pop up. I feel like I should call the cops and have someone stop you from hurting yourself by staying with her. I'm serious. You cant stay with her, there is literally no chance of happiness with her if she's acting like this before your even married. I love my wife and have a son with her, but she'd be pounding pavement if I had your savings and she wouldn't let me have a little project to tinker with. That's some evil shit if you ask me.

Well maybe not literally

Look brotha,

Did she work every day to buy that house?

Does she go to work and save up money?

Is she going to mow the damn yard?

She's trying to test you, and see what she can get away with...maybe not outright but perhaps subconsciously. If you cant spend 800, what if you wanted a new truck? If she can make a small thing seem like a big deal, than a medium thing will be huge, and a huge thing will be astronomical. See where this is going?

If you love her, have an honest conversation...tell her "hey I have an itch to fix an old truck. I feel strongly about this and it means a lot to me. I work hard and I deserve it" That's all you have to say. See what her reaction is. Women always say "oh well, blah blah blah, it means a lot to me, and you discredited something that means a lot to me" even about small things. Women always throw out the "this is how I feel" card, time for you to do the same. If she cant see that this fucking 800 dollar truck means something to you, then brotha she is pretty much telling you that your feelings dont matter to her. Think about it...women use this tactic all the time.

These are questions you need to ask yourself, if you can't work your ass off and enjoy a few things...what is the point of working at all?

If she didn't contribute to your nestegg, she has no right to it. You're not married, your money is your business. Even after marriage. I see guys all the time at work saying "oh I gotta hide this gun part, paintball part, etc etc so my wife doesn't see it, or else it gives her the green light to buy the same dollar amount of shit" This is coming from guys who's wives dont even fucking work!

Right now you are in the drivers seat, the world is your oyster, be straight up with her, be real, and say what you mean. Also, don't go jumping into a marriage before you have lived with her...once you're married, all your shit that YOU worked for, is now half hers and her new BBC boyfriend.

I've got a couple acres and had cheap mowers. Finally broke down and bought a high dollar commercial. Some of the best money I ever spent. 3 hrs a mow down to an hour. Plus it won't break down or wear out.

I don't know what to say about your woman. I will usually discuss anything over a k with mine but we almost always agree about spending. I'd probably just buy the truck.

Better to ask forgiveness than beg permission. Phone Post 3.0

As for the lawn, buy her an old school push mower, the ones with the spinning blades, paint it pink and tell her you got her a present. Bet after 5 minutes of pushing, she let's you buy whatever you want.

As for the truck, again tell her you bought her a beautiful antique but but don't want to show her until you've had a chance to refurbish it. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, I was first thinking buy her a old push mower and get her to so it so she will come around to your thinking.

But honestly, if you're going to have to so something like that every time u wanna spend money...

Tell her money is just the means to get wealth not the wealth itself.

A 7 acre well mowed property is "worth" a lot more then a shabby overgrown 7 acre property plus $1100

You being happy and tinkering on something u love, is worth more than an extra $800 in the pocket and fighting and being miserable. Even if you were just going to burn the truck afterwards.

Man the fuck up Phone Post 3.0

Jesus Christ find your balls. Can't imagine letting a girl tell me what I can't do not with my own money. Phone Post 3.0

I am pretty open with my wife about my spending, but I have never once given her the illusion that she has final say where my money goes. Change things now or enjoy the next 50 years of this. Phone Post 3.0

Just do it, she'll get over it Phone Post 3.0

kindofawesome - I love my wife, she wouldn't think about telling me what to do with my money. My money is my money; her money is her money and we split bills and expenses. Phone Post 3.0
THIS. Me and my fiancé put money into a joint account every week that pays for bills and things like that. What ever is left after we do that we spend as we wish. She usually buys clothes and bags and shit like that and I don't care cause it's her money. And she doesn't care when I want a new computer and ps4 games cause it's my money.

Plus if you have that much land isn't it pretty obvious you need a ride on mower? Lol seems like common sense to me. Phone Post 3.0

I feel for u man. I'm driving my wife's 2003 Honda Accord that needs work and want to go but a new 2014 ford/chevy/gmc half ton 4wd and she doesn't want me to do it. Sucks man Phone Post 3.0

How about asking her for your balls back and then , go do what you like . It's harmless hobby and it's not gonna effect your family savings or bills , I see no reason why she is being like this Phone Post 3.0

She's just trying to save her future 50% of the money Phone Post 3.0