FIAS/FILA Resolved?

I picked this up in a Russian Press release. The way I read it as both sides have agreed that FIAS will retain control over sambo and FILA will control Freestyle and Greco.



Conflict FIAS and FILA is resolved in the president's administration RF

Today in the president's administration RF at the invitation of the adviser of the President RF, the member of guardian advice to the All-Russian federation of SAMBO - unarmed self-defense Aslambeka Of aslakhanova took place the encounter of representatives FIAS and FILA, the understanding about which was achieved in the course of international conference "Sport- chord" in Seoul (South Korea).

Participants in the encounter came to agreement, which by the development of SAMBO - unarmed self-defense in the world is occupied FIAS, and FILA in turn, it is occupied by the development of sport fight, including free and Greco- Roman. Thus, the previously emergent conflict, about which reported IA "Sportkom", connected with claim FILA on the exceptional rights on the development of SAMBO - unarmed self-defense in the world, at present is completely resolved.

At the encounter in the president's administration RF they was present from side FILA - President FILA Raphael martinetti, Secretary General FILA Michel dyusson, the President of the European federation of the sport fight of prices was price, the President of the federation of the sport fight of Russia Mikhail mamiashvili, from side FIAS - President FIAS David rudman, the President of the European and All-Russian federations of SAMBO - unarmed self-defense (VFS) Sergey Yelisey, the member of the guardian council (VFS) Of aslambek Of aslakhanov.

In the course of negotiations it was accepted by the communique, which is already approved FIAS and during June will be carry ouied to congress FILA. On the mutual statement of sides on the completion of encounter is clearly designated the tendency toward closer collaboration of both organizations in the development of those related it is specific sport fight.

Aleksey KYLASOV, IA "Sportkom"

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Conflict FIAS and FILA is resolved in the

Interesting...promising...but, a bit hard to believe. They were in Korea on April 2nd for the GISF Meeting. Great if it is true.  I find it hard to believe that Henson and Marinetti would hand over the keys to the car that easily after all the sabre rattling and posted new FILA Sambo schedule.  I do know that Henson and Rudman did have a scheduled meeting (this week?) but, why are the names of the FILA reps left out of this piece I wonder?

There was an interesting article on this topic posted on the FIAS website (posted here on anohter thread as well):

After several rounds of negotiations during "SportAccord" Convention in hotel "Grand InterContinental" in Seoul (Korea), a series of agreements were reached. As it became known to "SportCom", the first meeting to discuss further cooperation will be held after April 20th. It will be a meeting between Presidents of these two organizations. FILA President Raphael Martinetti will arrive in Moscow.

As previously reported by "SportCom", on April 4th the first meeting to settle the conflict was held during GAISF Martial Arts Commission. GAISF President Hein Verbruggen acted as a chairman of the meeting and urged parties to start negotiations. It was decided that the terms of possible cooperation of FIAS and FILA needed to be defined. But the most important result of the meeting was the verification of FIAS being the main organization for sambo development in the world. "This fact is written in and guaranteed by GAISF statute" - commented Hein Verbruggen.

Developing the subject, President of Karate Federation (WKF) Antonio Ortueta criticized the position of GAISF in recognition of new sports that happen to be just style variations or branches of other members' organizations. The discussion was continued by President of Jiu-Jitsu Federation (JJIF) Paul Hoglund: "We need to carry on dialogue on mutual agreements and regulations in order to exclude ,as in the case of FIAS and FILA, ultimatum demands between GAISF members".

On behalf of Sambo Federation FIAS President David Rudman drew attention of GAISF councillors to this organization's role as a guarantor of authority and autonomy of its members for maintaining their status. He said in particular:

- In order to stop attempts of infringing on the authority of one of the federations - members of GAISF, it is necessary to accept the addition to article 11 in GAISF Statute, paragraph "Members Responsibilities": "To present new disciplines or changes before GAISF Council to be approved by GAISF Assembly, in order to prevent conflict of interests between GAISF members".

This statement made by Rudman can be called delicate policy, as it rules out any attacks on FILA President Raphael Martinetti, who was previously spreading letters to national sambo federations to gather participants in FILA competitions. Moreover Rudman's statement was met with approval and support by presidents of other federations being concerned by the problem of separation of individual disciplines of martial art into independent sports, as surely all of them are seeking after recognition and membership of GAISF.

Apropos during this Assembly, KickBoxing federation (WAKO version), Kendo and Muay Thai were recognized and became members of GAISF. Even before the voting all of them participated in GAISF Martial Arts Commission. Interestingly in Russia analogue of such a commission has already been founded - Union of Martial Arts of Russia - President of Russian Sambo Federation Dr. Sergey Eliseev informed.

GAISF President Hein Verbruggen told "SportCom" that he was satisfied with the work of the Commission, and in the end of the meeting asked members to consider the possibility of holding Martial Arts Games.

dynamo.. you just let me know what your take is on it and ill follow your lead. =)

Dynamo, could you tell me where you found this in Russian? Would like to read the original.This one you posted, was that there too, or did you translate it? Thank you! Interested to know what will happen, as I'm in the dark here!

I know that Josh Henson was in Moscow this week, but he has yet to update me on what has happened. I would think that I would have already heard something if this were true. I will let you know what I find out!

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When you read it let us know what you think.


Gregg, check it out. Still confused on what's going on.

Here is an update

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Conflict between FIAS and FILA Resolved at Meeting in Moscow
Meeting between representatives of FIAS and FILA, which was scheduled during "SportAccord" Convention in Seoul (Korea), was held today in the Office of Administration of President of Russia in Moscow. The meeting was organized with help of Advisor of President of Russia, Member of Board of Advisors of Russian Sambo Federation Mr. Aslanbek Aslakhanov.

It was decided that FIAS represents and regulates development of the sport of Sambo around the world, while FILA represents and regulates development of other styles of wrestling sports including Greco-Roman and Free Style of Wrestling. Thus the previously reported conflict between FIAS and FILA, in which FILA claimed exclusive rights on Sambo development in the world, is now completely resolved.

FILA President Raphael Martinetti, FILA General Secretary Michel Dusson, President of European Sport Wrestling Federation Tzeno Tzenov, President of Russian Sport Wrestling Federation Michail Mamiashvili, FIAS President David Rudman, President of European and Russian Sambo Federations Sergey Eliseev, Member of Board of Advisors of Russian Sambo Federation Aslanbek Aslakhanov participated in the meeting.

The communique issued after the meeting was already adopted by FIAS and will be presented before FILA Congress in June. Both sides indicated that closer cooperation in development of related wrestling sports is clearly starting to take shape.

Aleksey Kylasov, "SportCom"
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so... Rudman is the president of FIAS which controls sambo worldwide independently of FILA.

meanwhile, FILA will control other forms of wrestling like greco, freestyle, etc...

yet, all this is pending final approval of the FILA congress in June.

Will this affect the PanAm qualifyers in DC next week?


Who know...I have not heard of any changes in the Pan Am qualifier.

Well let's be honest here. If Fila gives up Sambo, then USA Wrestling will drop it like a bad habit and I don't want to drive 5 hours for nothing.

I hear you Mike. If FILA gives up sambo USAW may give it up - unless - Rudman tries to get AASF in with USAW. But, I doubt that will happen because AASF is so disorganized and insulated that they would be better off letting USAW run the show for FIAS. Problem is USAW is not promoting beyond the wrestling community and do not yet seem very organized themselves. I give them the benfit of the doubt though because sambo is new to them. If the two groups have finally worked out their differences that would be great. But, I will follow history's lead and wait till the smoke clears. I ain't holding my breath just yet.

There is no indication of this FIAS/FILA news on the FILA website. They have the European Sambo champs in two weeks in spain. There is no news in their new section and there is no FIAS logo or indicator on the Spain materials.

From the press release: The communique issued after the meeting was already adopted by FIAS and will be presented before FILA Congress in June. Both sides indicated that closer cooperation in development of related wrestling sports is clearly starting to take shape.

Essentially, it seems, that this news is in a holding pattern until the June FILA Congress. Let's see if they will really cooperate.


I would not believe everything that you read. Mike, I think you will be safe in making the trip!

truth be told, sambo in the US could possibly be much better served by USA Judo than USA Wrestling.

I received this from Josh Henson this morning. It was in response to a letter asking for clarification of this situation with the claims that Mr. Rudman is making regarding the meeting.

Please be advised as follows:

FILA President Raphael Martinetti and FILA Secretary General Michel Dusson have twice met with Mr. David Rudman, who claims to be the president of FIAS, for the purpose of explaining FILA's position with respect to the reintroduction of Sombo into the FILA structure and for the further purpose of offering Mr. Rudman the opportunity to collaborate in this effort (which FILA has offered to all other individuals and organization involved with Sombo, in an effort to include everyone who wishes to be involved with the FILA program). FILA has also met with Mr. Mikhail Tikhomirov, Mr. Josh Henson, and Mr. Fernando Compte, all of whom have at one time been president of FIAS and all of whom unanimously agree that the best future for Sombo lies in cooperation with FILA. Mr. Rudman has expressed his opinion that the best path for Sombo is to remain independent and has opposed the return of Sombo to FILA. FILA respectfully disagrees with Mr. Rudman.

With respect to Mr. Rudman:

  1. FILA President Raphael Martinetti has instructed me to respond to the claims made on this web site by clearly stating his position that Mr. Rudman has misstated the nature of the meeting in Moscow. He has asserted conclusions that are not consistent with FILA's recollection, nor with FILA's unchanged position on this issue. FILA will continue to organize Sombo competition and develop the sport of Sombo wrestling, which it introduced to the world of international sport by holding the first world championships in 1973. The FILA calendar of competition that is posted on the FILA web site at has not changed, nor has FILA abandoned its program. All scheduled events will take place, including the FILA 200-6 World Championships in Antalya in October and the FILA 2006 World Cup in Nice, France in November. All continental championships will take place, although they may be classified as festivals if the participation levels do not meet the usual FILA standards, as this is a transition year and the notice was short (and most federations have not organized Sombo within their structures, nor included it yet into their budgets).

I was present in Moscow and spoke to President Martinetti before and after the meeting in question. Mr. Martinetti and Mr. Dusson both note that the Russian government official present at the meeting expressed his opinion that Sombo would be better off under FILA.

I would add that Mr. Rudman stated has repeatedly claimed that Sombo does not need to aspire to inclusion on the program of the Olympic Games, nor the affiliated continental games (Pan American Games, Asian Games) and other games. FILA disagrees and will actively work towards those goals. FILA is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which FIAS is not, and as a result FILA feels that FIAS is unable to accomplish these important goals. FILA was able to introduce Sombo into the Pan American Games, although it was subsequently excluded when Sombo separated from FILA.

  1. FILA President Martinetti likewise disagrees with the claims made by Mr. David Rudman concerning the meeting held in Korea and the Position of GAISF/AGFIS. In the opinion of FILA, Mr. Rudman has misstated the position of FILA and the position of GAISF/AGFIS. At the meeting in Korea, GAISF President Hein Verbruggen made no formal statement on what federation rightly controls Sombo, as that is beyond the authority of GAISF/AGFIS. The only authority rightly belonging to GAISF/AGFIS is the right to determine who are members of that organization. Mr. Verburggen did recommend that Mr. Rudman and FILA resolve any differences amicably and he did suggest that other non-Olympic sports had joined with Olympic sport federations, including his own. He suggested this as a model for Sombo. I was present at that meeting and agree with the FILA interpretation of that meeting.

  2. FILA also met with Mr. Mikhail Tikhomirov in Moscow after the Meeting with Mr. Rudman. Mr. Tikhomirov asserted that the purported election of David Rudman as President of FIAS was fraudulent and challenged his claim to be FIAS President. Mr. Tikhomirov, who is also Presdient of the Non-Olympic Sports in the Russian Olympic Committee, claims to be the rightful President of FIAS. He expressed his astonishment upon learning Mr. Rudman attended the GAISF/AGFIS meeting in Korea claiming to be FIAS president, in the absence of Mr. Tikhomirov (who was unable to attend for business reasons, as we understand it). Mr. Rudman is filing a complaint with GAISF/AGFIS. Mr. Tikhomirov has expressed his opinion that the return of Sombo to FILA is the best future path for Sombo and will actively work towards cooperation with FILA.

FILA has expressed no opinion as to which of the three individuals currently claiming to be president of FIAS is in fact the legal president. FILA has met with all three and has offered all three the opportunity to participate in its program. Only Mr. Rudman has declined.

FILA continues to invite all those interested in Sombo to participate in its events and reaffirms its intent to help develop the sport at the international level.



FILA World Committee for Sombo Wrestling

From what I have learned from my contacts in Russia is that Russia and the Eastern Bloc countries as well as Canada and Japan are sticking with FIAS.

Looks like we are back to the old FIAS East vs. FIAS West situation.....GREAT :(

I got that e-mail this morning as well Lance...

I hear you Dynamo.  Like I suspected. Propaganda at work. Glad I did not hold my breath...LOL