Fickett vs. Petz / Caesars Indiana

Drew Fickett and Forrest Petz lock horns next Friday night on the FFC XII show at Caesars Indiana. One of the single bouts on the "Road to the Middleweight Title" show. "Both of these guys are looking to steal the show from the tournament guys" says FFC Vice-President Lee Coates.

What do you guys predict?

go forrest!

I pick Drew. Rd 2 by choke

Is this fight at 170?

Run Forrest, Run.

Ficket by KO.

LOL @ Banjo :)

Drew by whatever.

I dont think that its going to be a "Drew by whatever".
Petz brings skill with him. He's not just a chump being fed to the lion to please the croud. Drew stands with Forrest.... I pick Petz by KO. This is going to be a good fight no matter who wins.

Forrest Petz by TKO

BTW, does anyone know if an opponent for Dave Strasser has been picked yet?

Drew by RNC early

no intent to discredit Forrest. He is awesome. I just think that Drew is too hard to beat right now. He has just been in a zone as of late.

Petz has some extremely heavy hands, and a bit of a wrestling background too. I seriously doubt this will be an easy fight for either man. The winner should be sitting up there pretty nicely afterwards though.


Dave is not fighting on this show. One of his guys is in the 185 lb. tournament though, Nick Thompson.

Rob Braniff

Yes, it's at 170

my bad Rob. I thought we were talking about the FCC event.

Drew has had some rage building the last couple months. So word to Forrest, you never know what your gonna get.

I think that the FFC wins with this fight. I am picking my man Petz-the only man to ko Leo Sylvest(undefeated pro boxer/kickboxer)in mma!!!! Awesome fight no matter who wins. Petz is still undefeated-correct?

I fought Forest on a shootfighting show a few years back. I would have to say he'd be the underdog. But definetly not being thrown to the wolves. This fight will test his "heavy hands" against a named guy. Should be a good fight.

Petz better have a very strong wrestling background if he wants to use those heavy hands.