goddamn been jonezing for the zonkers for those that followed the zonker thread.  well, safeway had fiddle faddle for 2 for 7 so i bought a couple of boxes of the butter toffee and although the popcorn portion was a great substitute for the zonkers, THOSE FUGGIN NUTS KEEP GETTING IN THE WAY!! (kukui st mahu slogan i know)


NO Zonkers?!?!?

why did I even go jogging then?

*Looks for Craker Jacks.

Lol...I just ate Fiddle Faddle yesterday. And I don't like those nuts in my mouth either...

you had to bring this shit up???

last fukin time I was jonesing for the zonkers now it's back


Those fuggin nuts are a blatent example of the grasp evil peanut lobbyist and the ghey agenda has. On america.

just bought more of that abomination at walgreens tonight.