FIDE Candidates 2022

Fab vs nak

Din vs Nepo

Good matches today!

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Hikaru is doing really well against Fabi

Round 9:

Caruana vs Nepo could be the nail if Nepo wins.

Wonder how the two who played 7 hours yesterday will hold up??

If Nepo wins he better not play the championship like he did this last one. He needs to play his style more.

Brilliant preparation from Caruana today.

Nepo can equalize if he can find 16…Be7! 18.g3 Bf6!! 19.fxe4 fxe!

That’s an impossible line to find when your opponent is prepared. I’ll be REALLY impressed if Nepo finds it.

If he doesn’t, he’s clearly worse.


Rest day yesterday, and now back at it for Round 10:

Alireza vs Hikaru should be good!

Who would you saying is having the most disappointing tournament??

Din? Duda? Someone else? There were expectations for Din.


Do you think Carlsen will be motivated to want to compete against the winner?

Ding IMHO. For a 2800+ rated player, he seems to not do very well in most tournaments I’ve watched.

Ding and Duda for sure for me.

Wow Duda is doing great today.

Caruana is taking risks against the outsider and seems to be paying for it now.

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I’m surprised he isn’t playing conservatively for a draw, given how close he is to first place.

Duda is already in last place, nothing to lose.

Well there are only 5 rounds to go and he’s 1 point behind. He has to take risks, and who better to do that against than the lowest rated player who is also struggling.

I think the strategy was reasonable, it just didn’t seem to work out today.

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Yeah, that does make sense.

Not if it’s Nepo. He thoroughly dominated the match this year.

He lost his soul in the 6th round. It was damn close before that. He did offer some question carlsen had to answer.

Either way, you are right. Not something that looks to excite the champ

Kinda funny that they’re both having a great day today.