FIFA 2007??? (xbox 360)

im bored and i saw this game anyone play it?

Get Winning Eleven instead.

is there a win 11 4 360?

Yeah, although it is called Pro Evolution 6 over here.

Not sure what number W.E it will be.

i got fifa 07! whadya wanna know?

fifa 07 is good

better than 06.

pro ev, iv never really liked

WE 9 was the last one, WE10 would be the next, but it's not out yet as far as I know.

Kurt I never used to like Pro Evo and was a FIFA man. However after getting used to Pro Evo and playing for a bit I now realise how ridiculously superior it is.

Winning Eleven is pretty much now going by it's European name of Pro Evolution Soccer now.  The latest version was released to the States in Feb. 2007.

Here is is on Amazon:

fifa has been catching up rapidly the last few years. it still has the best presentation and licensing.

pro evo needs to gain more rights to clubs and leagues. its been the one aspect theyve really dropped the ball.

you cant go wrong with either, but if your not a hardcore soccer fan id actually recommend Fifa for the overall package.

fifa 07 is alright I like 06 better for some odd reason

Thing is with FIFA you can only really score goals in a certain few ways which is boring.

Pro Evo is a million times better and the only reason to really get FIFA is if you like all the shirts the players wear to look official.

anyone played the 360 one ? whats your review?

New pro evo on the 360 is good. Not much different from the last one on the Xbox but that is not a bad thing.

thanks , i think ill pick it up

Pro evo is better IMO. FIFA is like arcade soccer, if that's your thing get fifa.

The one thing I wish pro evo had was fifa's tempo slider. You can use it to slow EVERYTHING down, which makes it look more real. The ball just doesn't move as fast in real life as it does on winning eleven.