FIFA vs Winning 11

Before the last world cup in Japan in 2002, I bought a PS2 just for the occasion. Then had to decide between getting FIFA and Wining11 (6 at the time). Though FIFA seemed to have much better graphics, Winning 11 won hands down in terms of game play. Many a sleepless night was spent during that world cup - watch the game, play a game, go to work to pay rent, return and repeat :-D

So which do you prefer? FIFA or Winning Eleven? What about the other Football games out there? Which is the best for graphics/game play/options?

And which team do you usually play?

Winning 11. I just bought the last FIFA and it's pretty good but winning 11 is better.

I like both of them but Pro Evolution/Winning eleven is better.

If you're obsessed with all the shirts looking perfect etc then FIFA is good. But for gameplay it's Pro Evo everytime.

FIFA is way easier to score, when you score in Pro Evo you do actually celebrate like it was real life.

I was raised on FIFA, but enjoyed Winning 11 when in Asia. I like the career mode for FIFA. Gameplay wise, probably W11.

Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution soccer is much better. Several rubbish, made-up players names and shit commentary, but great gameplay.

"What about the other Football games out there?"

Don't know if it's going to be any good, but a new version of Sensible Soccer is out in about a month. The original was a classic.

Sensible World of Soccer on the Amiga was an all time great. I remember being freakishly good on that game. My star striker scored 120 goals one season. Most of them from the half way line.

Pro Evo(winning 11) i seriously can't be beat!

I love Pro Evo but I am shite at it. It's so rare that I score a goal that I have found myself saving even my scrappy ones that rebound in off someone's arse.

Put it on three star difficulty, pass it to a forward, have the forward dribble back and forth in front of the box. Eventually on of their defenders will try to tackle you and miss by a mile. Dribble into the box and shoot.

Beating that game on three stars is a cakewalk once you know how the computer thinks. Four stars and above is harder though.

winning eleven. but i do want the exact kits and names. why don't they just do that and it would own fifa

I used to score 40 yd bicycle kick volleys on FIFA regularly and would whup anyone that didnt spend 40 hrs a week practicing at least 16-0.

Pro evo, I think I have scored less than ten volleys and each one was met with unbridled celebration.

As for the first time I curled a free kick in the top corner, which was also 2 minutes in to injury time in a draw against my bitter house rival.....

Pro evo hands down

Mick -

It wasn't the most realistic game, that's for sure. I liked the fact that the ball didn't stick to your foot.

Ok i've said it in other forums, Fifa 2006 is way better for many reason.

First of all it's not so easy to score, try high difficult levels and you'll find that even if you are playing with great teams it's common a 0 - 0

Ok the gameplay is a bit better in Pro Evo but, and it's a great but, i've bought a football game, i want to see AC Milan against Chelsea or Barcelona, with Ronaldinho and Shevchenko playing; i don't want to see London Blues against some other strange team, with the commentators saying "number 9 passes to number 7"

It's a big difference, real teams, real stadiums, real supporters chants, there's really no match.

I mean, ok Pro Evo is funny, and i like to play it, but i also like to play Madden or Nba live or many others, if i want to experience a real football match, i'll choose FIFA forever.

Sav likes fifa because he gets whipped at pro evo

Sav, all the players are in Pro Evo(the newest one anyway). You can download patches for the game that put all the correct shirts/grounds/crowd chants etc. Or you can just edit it yourself.

I hate commentators in football games, am I the only one that turns them off and commentates myself?!


Liar. You know you do it.

The commentating on pro evo is absolute shite, but it would feel weird playing without it. If you're playing pro evo 5, try making runs in and around the box holding r2 and just keep tossing and turning unpredictably until you're in a position to shoot or can to pass to someone who's in a position to shoot. Works especially well if you've got someone like Ronaldinho or Henry on the ball.

Lol i knew that Seano would have said that

Plus i don't want to download anything, i'm lazy, if i wasn't lazy i would not spend so much time playing videogames instead of playing real football ;)

I want to buy a complete package, and that's Fifa 06 (cheaper than Pro Evo)