fig4 back mount/points question

why is the figure four back mount not 4 points in bjj tournaments?
is there a specific jiu-jitsu reasoning behind this?


Been told that you don't get points for that, you have to get both hooks in.

could somebody please describe the figure 4 backmount

I ask about this at almost every tournament I go to and they almost always say it is 4 points, what tournaments don't count it as four points?

Click HereAndre answered this very question.But personally, I hope I get back mount for the figure four, because it's all that I use.

Thanks for the link KT. Yea, Andre's answer is the obvious way to
get the points.

I'm still really curious why the CBJJ made this a specific rule (both
feet/hooks on the inner thighs).

Spooky: it's called many different names, but it is when you have
one leg wrapped around your opponent's midsection and then
have that same foot tucked behind the knee of your other leg.
Similar to the leg potition of the triangle choke. It can be really
painful to be caught inside this position as the person with the
hold determines largely if you get to breathe or not :)

Thanks for the info guys. I should have asked Prof Carlinhos in
december... ah well.

I guess if you think about it, it's pretty much still like having the guy in your gaurd but his back is towards you instead of away from you. And the true back mount is with the hooks. Just my dos centavos.

ah, Ive known it as just triangling your legs in backmount thanks

it seems to me that the anaconda is the beter of the two ways of taking the back