Fight after Genesis Show. Missouri

I currently work with someone who trains some fighters out of the War Room in Illinois. He mention that a few of his guys had a run in with some idiots claiming to train under Jermaine Andre and the Gracies after the Genesis MMA fight in St. Charles, MO. Apparently all of this started over a girl that was with the idiots that claim to train under Jermaine.

Long story short:The two guys that claim to train with Team Andre met up with the War Room guys at the gas station down the road from the venue and started talking shit to Brad from War Room. Lee (who is also with War Room) tried to calm everyone down.  One guy claims to train with Jermaine Andre and one of the Gracies, pushes Brad, and quickly gets KTFO. Some guy comes running out of the van with his head down and swinging, gets kneed in the face and also gets KTFO. Apparently guy #2 landed face first into guy #1's ass when he went out.

     I train under Jermine and have spoken with two of our instructors. The two idiots who had their ass handed to them by well trained fighters from the WAR ROOM do not train under Jermaine. Jermaine does not have any Gracie folks teaching Jiu Jitsu at our school, and probably wouldn't like his students training at other schools without contacting him first. All-in-all this was an incident of two assholes throwing Jermaine's name around to act tough.

Keep in mind that Jermiane's school and the War Room have a great relationship and everyone gets along. If you were there, or have heard anything please try to clarify some of the story. I got some of this info from one of the War Room instructors, and other parts from one of our instructos who knows guys from the War Room.

nothing to do with the "after" fight but do you know when this Genesis fight will be airing?

nothing to do with the "after" fight but do you know when this Genesis fight will be airing?

Last time it aired one week after the live fight. I'm thinking the 22nd. I will post when I find out.


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What an awesome show this was btw. Excellent fights and a bunch of them too. 19 I think. Very good Girlfight also. I thought the night might drag on with that many fights but they kept things moving and got through it all rather well without diminishing fight quality.

I think there was 8 KO's in all.

Pretty good summary of the event here:

That's a great story. Was any gas spilled? I hope not! Please keep us updated.

Thanks Cardsfan. Good write-up for Genesis.

HAHAHA , these storys are Funny. My Name is JW I run the RGDA Gracie school and my guys are the one who fought at the mma event.

One of my guys said he went to the gas station and Saw the cops. The cops told him that one guy knocked out two guys that were talking shit.(1skilled person vs 2 unskilled = 2knockouts:)

2nd story
Guy gets jumped in the parking lot, Me and Royler are out side so I run over there to see what was happening and guys hop in a van and take off...Later find out another guy talking shit about another local school so some guys jumped him and really beat the shit out of him. So what should we not do TALK SHIT TO FIGHTERS!!!!

St Louis is one of the coolest places for training if your cool with everybody else.. JW cant we all just get along:)


Apparently the guy that got jumped in the parking lot was talking shit about Jermaine while in the stands. The guys that jumped him are from another local school and respect Jermaine. I don't necessarily agree that the guy should have gotten jumped by a fighter or two, but that will teach him a lesson about disrespecting someone because they lost a fight or two on TV.


yeah thats what I heard, I concur that I dont agree with it but if your a idiot you get what you deserve.

For Skip..
Put all local guys on the Tv!!!!:)

Great story stlsambo. Idiots like that deserve everything they get. NEVER talk smack to complete strangers. It's bad kharma & only leads to an asswhipping!!


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yo Jim, what up. Man not much work out there lots of jiujitsu for me thou:) been teaching privates from 9-5 on tues and thursdays.So I might make a living on this someday.

Oh yeah MY PAT Miletich Story...

Sitting with Royler and Pat and brad , Pat was just making small talk when this is what he said.. Royler I want to just tell you thank you for what you and your family has done for the sport of mma. With out you and your brothers work no one in this building would know what mma is and no one including myself would have a job! So thank you. (For this Pat you are the coolest guy on the planet , what a cool guy!!) JW


Fighter aren't real tough when your holding a 357. Maybe fighters should stop talking shit too and this afterschool violence will end. Usually the fighters are the ones that start all the shit. Remember it's a sport and the streets have no rules. Keep your mouth shut and fight in the ring like real pro's and not punks.