Fight at Pala Casino, San Diego, CA!!!

So, I finally got offered a fight with a little time to train.

Oct. 25th at PAUMA Casino, NOT Pala, for Gladiator Challenge.

So, I'm going to be selling some tickets and I was just wondering who here from the SD, SoCal area would be willing to go out to Pauma Casino for some fights? Not neccessarily for this one, just in general.

They have never had a show out there, but it is a pretty nice place.

Either way, I'm stoked. I finally get to step back in there and get back to some hard core training. I'm even more excited since I got to have a little chat and talk with 2 of the guys I was SUPPOSED to fight, but who ended up pulling out. That definitely got a fire under me.

Sure, Rich, I'll take a couple free tix, thanks!

 I expect a couple of Tix as Management , dont forget FreduMs either . Pala is a great venue for MMA ! Saw Badseed fight Buentello at KOTC there  . Real nice !! Doolin , I dont want to hear a freakin excuse . I expect to see a New and improved Doolin Dalton from 2 years ago at Total Wombat . You have plenty of time to train and You knew a fight was coming anyway . I expect a W ! and some Striking this time whydontcha :).

Lets see what My Money has produced. RuM and I will love to be there , first 2 rows of course . Congrats Doolin , Now lets see it ! For Realz .

sure thing Loco, it's in the mail.

YES sir Phooey Sir. I will get on that.


In all seriousness, let me know, ill take a couple off your hands. Gotta support a local homie.

Ryan Loco - Sure, Rich, I'll take a couple free tix, thanks!

Rich & Free in the same line Means an outreach benefit for "Locos Kids"

I would love to do a review of the show for if I can get in touch with GC. I just need 2 passes; one for me and one for my photographer.

Good luck on your fight. 

Loco, you going to be at the office today? Or are you still at home sleeping? Wanted to stop by and say whats up after I stopped by the Compound

Swing by, brojangles...Here till 5

Fight actually to take place at Casino Pauma, off I15 & 76 (Pala Rd)

oh ok. cool. Pauma casino it is.

 is chris cordeiro workin with them?

I dont know if Viejas has ever had any MMA fights though.

I will hit you up when I get them though.

 so its not at pala ?


not Pala. Sorry.

I heard Pauma is more fun though

 Let us know Doolin , Fred and I might go ?