Fight Camp 360 - Inside the Super Six - Episode 10

(blue help!)

Takes a look behind the scenes of Ward/Abraham and Froch/Johnson in the semi-finals. 12/17 Ward vs Froch for all the marbles!! 360 kind of gets overshadowed by 24/7, but is pretty dope in its' own rite.

Can't wait to see Andre whoop that ass. Ward and Froch have been on a collision course the last two years and I'm glad they didn't fight in the early round-robin stage of the tournament. This is the fight. What say you, UG?

Andre wins

Not quite as good as 24/7 (no shame in that, as 24/7 is great) but I've always enjoyed 360.

Thanks for posting it.

Yeah, something about 24/7 that separates it from the rest. They have a way about upping the drama and producing a very epic feel to all of their shows.