Fight Change

On 9/16 I was supposed to be fighting Norman Biber, making my pro debut, but Now I am fighting an amature fight against Cory Garcia. I know nothing about this kid. Any advice on my game plan? I wonder if I should just go out there with my original game plan but I am unsure. I have been training for Norman for 6 weeks, but 4 days before the fight it gets changed.

Norman was a stand up fighter, I know nothing about Cory, I was planning on gnp 4 Norman

We can't tell you anything unless we know anything about him. Just train all ranges and keep your cardio up.

That was my plan, I'm just kind of flustered, I got woke up by this phone call today, and I knew who Norman was....ty for advice though

Force whatever you're best at on whomever you're fighting.

Thrilla, you're not obliged to fight this kid.. Ask the promoter his background before you fight him. His experience, who he trains with etc.. If he can't give you a decent answer, I'd give it a miss if you're not comfortable.