Fight Club Predictions

who do u guys think will fair better in this match ups
my pics r 1. matty prince, 2. Micheal, 3. Nathan, 4. ben, 6. Sasha, 7. peter, 8. travern, 10. Bell

Fight 1: Under 65kg Featherweight bout
Daniel LUKER (Rings, TOOWOOMBA) V Matt PRINCE (Cobra Defense Academy, BRISBANE)

Fight 2: Under 84kg Middleweight bout

Fight 3: Super Heavyweight 4-man tournemant
Round 1 / Fight 1
"Insane" Wayne WILLIAMS (Rings, TOOWOOMBA) V Nathan WHITE (Gracie/Beston Central - Central Coast, NSW)

Fight 4: Super Heavyweight 4-man tournemant
Round 1 / Fight 2
Ben "The Grim Reaper" DALEY (Fightboi - Mermaid Beach, QLD) V Chris McCRACKEN (Self Trained - Gladstone, QLD)

Fight 5: Under 65kg Featherweight Bout
Ross McCOSKER (Rings, TOOWOOMBA) V Cade BROWN (Gracie BJJ, Mandurah WA)

Fight 6: Under 93kg Light Heavyweight Bout
Matt KNIGHT (Rings - Atherton, QLD) V Sasha NANCHOUKI (Fightboi- Mermaid Beach, QLD)

Fight 7: Under 70kg Lightweight bout
Peter DAVIS (Rockhard, TOOWOOMBA) V Art MURIE (Redlands NHB, BIRKDALE)

Fight 8: Submission Wrestling Superfight
* Featuring 3 time world Champion Roberto TRAVEN of Brazil V TBA

Fight 10: XFC Lightweight (under 70kg) Title bout.
Brandon BELL (12-0) Logan City, QLD V Ian SCHAFFA (former #5 in the world) Sydney, NSW

You never know TBA might be Rickson.
3. Wayne
7. Peter

Could someone tell me where Chris McCracken trains or does self trained mean he doesn't train with anyone at all.

Chris McCracken doesn't train with anyone at all. He believes in meditation and watching Mario Sperry videos and that that is all you need.

No, I train with a small core group of guys (4) and a few transients in my yard (will move to PCYC when it's built).

Boxing training with Mick Daly in Gladstone.

My email is

Should have read this one first.
I will contact you. Cheers