Fight Club Proving Grounds?

 I've been looking to join a MMA Gym near the Rochester Hills area and I have come across Fight Club Proving Grounds.

It is about 15 miles from where I live. 

Any UGers are currently going to this gym or are there other gyms around the area?

 I've never trained there, but I know most of the instructors.

They will provide you with good MMA training.

 I've trained there and it's the best in the area if not the state. All the instructors go the extra mile you don't find in any other gyms to make sure your learning correctly. They don't let their guys fight until they say they are ready. Never a shortage of training partners either. Even on Saturday's they always have someone in there after the kids class training.

They are awesome! Their instructors are all top notch and they have both ammies and pros...Cant go wrong training there!! I 100% endorse their notch..