fight club - ps2 game?

Fight Club Game Coming To PS2
By David Smith

Vivendi Universal has a PlayStation 2 project in the works based on David Fincher's film Fight Club, the latest issue of Official US PlayStation Magazine reports. A one-on-one 3D brawler based on the famous political-text-cum-macho-slugfest is on its way towards a fall 2004 release at rapidly-expanding Scottish developer Genuine Games, and it may be coming to platforms other than PS2.

The game will feature locales based on scenes from the films, the same gritty visual style, and possibly appearances from its stars as well, but only two men to a fight -- that's either the third or fourth rule of Fight Club, we forget which. More details will no doubt be forthcoming in the coming year, so stay tuned for further updates

yay for Pitfighter 3D

Pitfighter! I remember that shit. I couldn't beat this black guy who knifed me and then yelled "OH BOY"

pit fighter blew

fight club better be good, movie=game usualy suck