Fight Factor Technical Problems

Dear Listeners,

Our live feed was experiencing difficulties due to high volumes of traffic, we reached maximum server capacity, our limit being 4000 lsiteners at once. It caused the server to shut off feed 10 minutes into the show. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will be increasing our bandwidth for the live feeds in future shows. We really did not expect half of the numbers of registered listeners to be tuning into the live show, we expected that most would wait for the archive. We promise to remedy this before next weeks live feed.

we did get to alot of the questions you emailed in, and posted here. Please come back next week as we talk to Frank Shamrock and put on our second show. We appreciate you tuning in. Please look for the show to be playable in our download page Tuesday through the archives.

The Fight Factor Team



I'm looking forward to seeing the site.
Please let us know when it's back up.

The site is up, the only thing we lost last night was the live feed.