Fight Factory interview Rus Jones

The Fight Factory will be hosting a Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts event at the Lamar Dixson Expo center on June 26th.  Doors open at 5 and fights start at 6. The Fight Factory caught up with Russell Jones for this interview.


FF: Russell thanks for taking the time out of your training schedule to be here.


RJ: It's my pleasure



FF: Tell me a little about yourself?


RJ: I've been fighting for 21 years. I turned pro in 1983 and since have become a 3 time world kickboxing champion. I am originally from New Orleans, but I've lived in Baton Rouge for the past 25 years. This will be my first time competing under Muay Thai rules in 15 years. I have mainly been competing under American rules for the last 23 years. I currently hold a record of 77 wins 4 losses. I began training when I was 14 in traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. I stopped training in traditional martial arts to begin competing in full contact event. I felt that the traditional point system didn't really teach you to fight. I am currently training under Raul Lopez. Raul is from Cuba, and came to United States in 1992 to escapee Castro's regime. He is the current 137lbs world champion, and holds all 5 major kickboxing titles. (ISKA, IKF, WKA, WKO, and the KICK belt).



FF: I understand there is some friction between you and your opponent Dustin Johnson. Can you elaborate this?


RJ: Dustin trained with me for 3. He became disrespectful and broke some rules, so I kicked him out of my gym. He became bitter and began training with another team. I found out he talked trash about me, so I called him out a few months ago. He feels he has an advantage competing under the Muay Thai Rules. The Muay Thai rules are unpopular here in the U.S., and I feel the U.S. rules make a better athlete. The Muay Thai rules allow the leg kicks, elbows, and knees. The basic American rules don't allow elbows and knees and I feel that the restriction of the rules limiting the fighter to strike only the upper body forces to strike with precision.


FF: Do feel you have an advantage having competed under the American rules for so long?


RJ: Definitely, I don't feel it's the differences in styles but the experience level. The experience is definitely in my corner for this fight. He has the youth in his corner, but he doesn't have the 81 kickboxing matches I've had under my belt. And my only losses were to world champions in sanctioned championship bouts and I've never been knocked out in my career or badly injured. All my losses were to decision, So if a world champion can't knock me out, he definitely won't



FF: How do you feel about your opponent?


RJ: He is a tough little guy, I won't underestimate him. He's been training in Slidell with some good guys, but it doesn't matter to me, I taught him a majority of what he knows, and I have some nice tricks for him.


FF: What are you expecting?


RJ: I'm not sure what he's going to do, but I have been going through strategies, and I have a game plan for anything. He can come at me with anything I am ready for him. I taught him a majority of what he knows, so I know what he is thinking. He is getting in way over his head! He wants to get in the ring with a veteran like myself after only 4 amateur bouts and it's a big mistake. I believe he feels my age is a weakness, but I will show him what the heart of a veteran is all about. He knows I had surgery on my knee and I believe he will try to take my legs out.


FF: Do you feel transitioning from American rules to Muay Thai rules will be a problem?


RJ: I haven't met a man yet I can't kick in the head. I will snap his legs like a tooth pick! I'm not sure he realizes the power I possess. We sparred many times when he trained with me and I never abuse my students. When I heard what he was saying I felt differently about him. He believes the match will be much like the sparring we used to do, but this time I'm not holding back. This is my life, this what I've chosen to do and this is how I pay my bills! Once I get in the ring Saturday its all business!

FF: How do feel overall going into this match?


RJ: I feel good, it was on short notice, but I can easily go ten rounds. I'm feeling strong, I've been putting in a lot of hours in the gym, and I feel I will walk all over him. It's scheduled for ten, but it won't last that long. He will be taking a nap before then.



FF: What can the fans expect to see?


RJ: They can expect to see a nice kickboxing exhibition. The fans will see what good kickboxing is all about. I want him just as bad as he wants me. He feels he will overwhelm me with his Muay Thai and stamina, but he doesn't know what he's getting himself into. Bottom line this will be a well learned lesson for him.






sounds like a great event.

where is the Lamar expo center (what city?)

Gonzalez, Louisiana