FIGHT for the Troops Weigh In Pics

Wow, those were some pretty interesting weigh ins.. after my adventurous day around the base with the fighters, I got to the weigh ins to spot the ring girls and anthony pettis on top of a tank! Soldiers were everywhere in uniform waiting patiently for the weigh ins to get underway. The ring girls had camoflauge bikinis on. The faceoffs were the most interesting part.. Joker vs DaMarques, Yves vs Cody (potato chips??), Matt vs Cole & Matt vs Tim looked MEAN!!

Who do you have on all the fights??

Evan or Melvin?

Matt or Tim?

George vs Mark?

Pat vs Joey?

Cole vs Matt?

Click the link or photo below to view the pics!

Incorrect link. Goes to your day 1 pics :)


Yves is an awfully nice guy to hook Cody up with some food after weighins.

Sorry, I fixed it!!

Thx Tracy, always great pics from the hottest photographer in the biz!

Damn, I think Meathead vs Hague has FOTN written all over it, and Hague looks in killer shape compared to his last run in the UFC. Hope he pulls this one out. Great pics!

MursJewishHairStylist -  Evan






Who is with me?

 Right here....but i'm pulling for Mackenzie but I think Yves got this one


thanks you guys.. I'm excited for the fights tomorrow..we're having a blast out here...



 Lordy lordy

Thanks Tracy



So, WHERE are the weigh in pics?  I count a whopping two.