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 I assume it was "Joe" Silva? Are all the other shows "on the hook"? Does he really think anyone would believe him?


Please God invite him in to train.


Gosh i hope i can go straight from an unsanctioned michigan show, to the UFC.


Well, I am dumb, so does it count if i'm not playing??

shoot me an email at I will got mail!

this sounds like a randy wadsworth thing to me.

angelo check youe email,

Another tool

his fighters look impressive.

How did they get that many fat guys on the same team??

lol, it's the same kid losing in every fight it seems. I see he hasn't jumped up the legitimacy since warriors quest extremem fighting.


 Thing is, with all these new gyms & "Fight teams" popping up, he will find a few people to bite on that bullshit.



My apologies to Joe Donoffrio. I just got off the phone with him and we talked about what was going on. Joe emailed me and gave me his number to call him and settle this over the phone. As soon as I heard his voice on the other end I knew he was NOT the person I talked to other day. Turns out he has some friends of a friend who were calling local schools to get the word out and look for fighters. It seems this guy may said some things he shouldn't have and Joe was not aware of this. I think the guy was just have getting excited for the show and wanted to get some hype going for it which is understandable.

I apologized to Joe and just explained that some of us 'old timers' feel slighted when these fly by night organizations pop up over night just to make a buck off our sport. He understood my position and we had a good talk. Joe expressed how his main concern is to put on a good show and treat everyone with respect as long as he gets the same. Sorry again to Joe, I told him I would get on here ASAP and set the story straight.

Good luck to these guys on there upcoming show; It's April 26th at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Joe did tell me that Fox Sports would be there to cover it, so that is cool!

moral of the story= don't let yer friend of a friend handle the phones.