Fight Masters: Mixed Martial Arts

I remember seeing the Fight Science show about mma, but actually never heard about National Geographic's "Fight Masters". I was browsing torrents today looking for some interesting documentaries about... well, whatever really. During my search, I ran across a National Geographic program titled 'Fight Masters: Mixed Martial Arts'. This obviously piqued my interest, so I downloaded it, and it's pretty interesting. It features Randy Couture, Bas Rutten, Tito Ortiz, and Dean Lister. Now, I could've sworn these were the same fighters that were on Fight Science, but I looked this program up and it is a legitimate National Geographic show.

I'm sure at one time or another this has been posted, since this is probably over a year old, but I missed the thread that time, and I'm unable to find it through the search function. Has anyone ever watched this "Fight Masters: Mixed Martial Arts" show? If not, I can provide links for you. If so, sorry for bringing up something old that everyone but me has seen.

I havent seen it or even heard of it myself either.

I'd appreciate this link.. PM me.


Alright. It is a torrent though, for the record.