Fight Matrix updates their all time LW rankings after Oliviera's win

and he’s still not in the top 10

Rank Fighter Record All-Time Points
1 Khabib Nurmagomedov 29-0-0 11770
2 B.J. Penn 16-14-2 8409
3 Eddie Alvarez 30-8-0 7849
4 Ben Henderson 29-11-0 7218
5 Frankie Edgar 24-10-1 6729
6 Dustin Poirier 28-7-0 6549
7 Takanori Gomi 36-15-0 6279
8 Rafael dos Anjos 31-13-0 5802
9 Tony Ferguson 25-7-0 5763
10 Shinya Aoki 47-10-0 5158
11 Anthony Pettis 25-12-0 5154
12 Charles Oliveira 33-8-0 4745

BJ Penn in second place? LOL

Charles should already be above BJ, Eddie, Bendo, Dustin, Gomi, Tony, Aoki and Pettis, arguably above Frankie too.

I’d say he’s currently on par with RDA in terms of all timers.


Prime BJ was amazing. What are you, new?

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He is defintely new (or newer). BJ is my top 3.


Hes my top 2.

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Been watching since Chuck vs Randy 2. BJ is incredibly overrated. How can you honestly argue that his resume stands up to Oliveira’s?


Bruh he fought at heavyweight, didn’t you know? Also he didn’t even train so just imagine how good he could have been, that’s what matters.

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Yeah fair enough, give him the number one spot.

his current run is amazing, but this is all time rankings. too many losses to justify being at the top imo

Welcome to the sport.

Come on, fight metric? Git outta heeya.

Have you seen BJ Penns record?!

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I welcome you to the sport and to the forum and that is your response. You mad???

Everyone on this list and a couple of other guys not on this list should be over BJ.


Finally somebody talking sense.

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