Fight Network banned from Zuffa??

Just read this in another post. Can anyone confirm or know why?

ttt for answers



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The fight network losses UFC credentials.

At the 34 min mark

Has anyone heard any more about this?

I had this post up earlier, but looks like the board might have had to "restore from another back" or something, because I dont see it any more.

 Funny they also talk about asking Ken Pishna from MMA Weekly to move yet allow Sherdog to stay in the front row who Dana hates and yanked credentials from all the way back before UFC 55.


Highly doubt it considering the Fight network is giving away tickets to UFc 83 with seats next to Big John.....not sure if Randy couture still does some work for them, if that's the case I'd say maybe Zuffa having a problem with that, but considering Chuck Liddell came to Toronto to promote the Fight network i think it would be ridiculous for Zuffa to ban them.