Fight Network shows UFC prelim results at 9????

Anyone else catch that.

on "Before the Bell", they are showing the fight odds (at the bottom of the screen). They then go right into showing the prelim RESULTS...... at 9PM before the PPV starts??? I saw the Stout result and flipped in time to miss the Goulet result !!!

The show wasn't on before the PPV as far as I know.

The show wasn't on before the PPV as far as I know.

Hey Mike

Yeah, It was on from 9P - 10P before the PPV

There was a "Before the Bell" and an "After the Bell"

Just wondering if anyone else caught it?

I caught that as well, we changed the channel as soon as we realized they were showing results but saw the McDonald/Doerksen and Stout/Clementi results. It was annoying but oh well, neither of those fights ended up being shown anyways

 they were broadcasting from a burger king outlet in the bell centre

poor planning to start an mma network, then piss off the ufc

Good point Bleier. UFC will not be happy.

FelizSierra.... I guess it's not a big deal overall, your right, just hope the UFC see's it that way !!!! The Hironaka/Goulet was possibly the only PPV fight spoiled ???

I was pissed off the results were shown for the prelims on before the bell, like others I switched as soon as I saw results.

Besides that the show is much better with Randy and BJM there. I miss John as a ref, but turns out he is a very good analyst.

It was a cool show with Randy and BJM....UNTIL they started listing the results of the prelims. BS in my opinion.