fight network

Does anyone have this channel? is it worth the subscription price? how much of it is mma? do you see like ROTR or KOTC or cage rage or anything like that?

thanks for all good posts

also, is it only available in canada?

i love the fight network

where i live its very cheap to have it and well worth it

they are always showing a pride , rotr, ucc/tko

they even have coverage of the weigh ins for the last 2 ufcs

Unfortinately, I think it is only in Canada right now. I can't wait for it to come to the states!

is it only available in canada

It is by FAR my favorite channel! Honestly you won't be disappointed (other than the pro rassling they show sometimes).

They have Pride, K-1 (many that I had never seen) KOTC, ROTC, boxing, kick boxing, documentaries, its great!