Fight Night 2004

Anyone played this yet? It's fucking awesome

Yeah, it's great. Only complaints: the music, the commentator, and the inability to choose what to train in. Oh yeah, and also the inability to change weight classes once you win a title.

Best defense in a boxing game ever. Knockdowns are sweet, too, as are the manual instant replays.

It's been sucking my will to do other things that I must do but I like it a lot. There are a bunch of threads about it at the GameGround.

I started a new career using a Chuck Liddell character I created. He's undefeated and has KOed everyone so far. It's cool because "Iceman" is one of the pre-defined nicknames so it sounds good when refer to him in the commentary. By the way you can turn the rap music off in the options.

Just switch to another configuration and use the buttons.

I had really high hopes for this game but I didnt like it at all. I have been spoiled by victorios Boxers 2. The career mode isnt that great, you cant change weights, the music is the most annoying shit ever and they made it a Hip Hop boxing game with over glorified knock downs and blood flying everywhere. The corner men wear pimp jump suits. EA Sports usually puts out sports sims but this was more like the NFL Blitz of boxing games. The actual game machanics are good but could have used work. The best thing they have going is the ability to create any fighter you want. This game had so much potential but they seemed to go in the wrong direction IMO.

Yeah, this is a great game.

The only real complaint I have is about the career mode.
It's just not intricate enough for me to keep playing.
And the KO scene gets old after a while.
I mean... not everyone goes down with their body convulsing.


Victorious Boxers 2 is amazing.The boxer's road is so intricate.The arcade mode is a blast too.Anyone who enjoys combat sports should get this game.


Gunjin Ex: Yeah VB2 has the best career mode ever. The ability to choose your meals and your training and see it effect your fighter not to mention all the details you control. Makes fight night look like mario brothers.

Is it tough to play career mode if you don't read Japanese?