Fight Night 3 Online

I played this over the weekend. A few of my experiences.

1) I didn't know how to setup my button configurations until 3 games in. So I was 0-3 before I figured this out. :(

2) There are some custom boxers out there that can KO you with 15 jabs. what the hell? You're out in 2 minutes. Obviously unrealistic, and has to be addressed by EA somehow.

3) The game just needs more fighters. I'm glad they included Jesus Chaves...but what about Trinidad, Judah, Tzyu, Calzaghe? I especially want to see Moorer in lightheavy, and Hearns in welter/middle. Not enough fighters.

4) LOTS of fun, regardless, because the game is very timing based, and any fighter can beat anybody, depending on how well they stick to their game. If Robinson or Leonard stick and move they're extremely difficult to beat. If Hagler keeps the pressure on, he's almost unstoppable. But...if you switch gameplans, and try to have Hagler outjab Delahoy, goodnight Marvelous!

Calzaghe is in there, isn't he?

As for custom boxers, I just back out of the match when I see my opponent pick a custom fighter. It's just lame. They have all their stats maxed out and are always a foot taller than every "real" fighter in the game.


last I checked, no Calzaghe. Pretty lame I think. But they have Delahoya as a middleweight (sheesh).

The think that gets me is no Arguello, no Pryor, NONE of the boxers that boxing fans would know. Heck, they got rid of Marciano.

At least they put in Hagler. He's a true beast in this game, if used properly.

hows FN3 compare to 2? I've seen the demos in shops, and to be honest it looks a hell of a lot slower and more predictable than 2.

Man, I'd swear I've seen Calzaghe in there when I'm picking my fighter. I actually never heard of him until I played. Maybe I'm going crazy.

I pick Hagler a lot. I've mostly done all right with him, but a few times I got my ass kicked. I think that's more because I have sweaty hands and horrible reflexes, though.

"hows FN3 compare to 2? I've seen the demos in shops, and to be honest it looks a hell of a lot slower and more predictable than 2. "

It is on PS2. I played both back to back and the slow down is very noticable. I like how the stamina factors in more in 3 (although I think it should factor in even more), but they didn't have to make the game slow as molasses to do this. Again this is PS2. I played the 360 demo in the store and it didn't seem slow at all.

I heard from a friend that the 360 version is very realistic graphics wise, and much more enjoyable. It's good to hear that it has no slow-down.

The PS2 version is still enjoyable for me, but it is noticeably slower.

I have a 360 and also thought it was a little slower, but this is only so with the HWs and only after they get tired somewhat. The lighter guys can throw like lighting.

It so depends how good your are at combos and throwing lighter/faster punches. You rely on haymakers and dont finish the guy you will get tired and slow VERY quickly.

Thanks for that. I always thought one of the best things about fight night was how fast it was. I can't think of something as a boxing game when the moves aren't almost instantanious. :(

Is there a lot of lag on Xbox live??

very little lag if any at all for me on xbox 360. im ranked in the top 250

I played it twice, and had a lil lag both times.... not much, but in this type of game abit of lag means everything. I couldn't parry in time because of that small split second of lag... I got too angry and still haven't played again to this day.