Fight Night 4 new features (vid)

 Lame vid -- it's shot from far away -- but they talk about some of the new stuff. If they pull it off, it should blow FN3 away. Visually, it must be pretty early, because the graphics and especially the animations look worse than FN3's.


Yeah, it would have been nice to see a video more close up, but with what they are saying they want to put into the game, it sounds awesome.

And you're right about the graphics. Looks like it is played on ps2

Graphics and animations look shitty, but I have no doubt this will be drastically improved by release time.

The ideas are everything I've ever wanted in a boxing game. If they can pull it off I'll be playing this game for years.

 By the way, this was not intended for the public. The game is a long way off, so most likely the graphics and animation are just placeholder stuff.

Can't wait to see the finished product. I hope it's a worthy successor to FNR3.