Fight Night No More

Apparently, EA has shut down EA Chicago, the house responsible for developing the Fight Night series. Just read it on Game Informer. So, no more Fight Night, from what I understand of the article.

What sank EA Chicago?



Here's the link on

It doesn't mention the Def Jam Icon debacle, but Game Informer does.

Hopefully this means 2k can license all the boxers for their Prize Fighters game.

that sucks but i would think EA will still get in on the boxing game genre some how

I really like Fight Night but I would like some other options for sure, hopefully 2k can make a great one and great some competition between the two. We need a next generation Victorious Boxers too!

Edited: Nevermind, I didn't realize they made a mediocre one on the Wii, I loved the first one.

an emphasis on foot work would be nice.

I'd love to see more boxers (Marciano, Mayweather, etc.).

Emphasis on footwork and balance would be nice.

The MAIN thing I'd like changed are the "cheap" characters. Ali's jab has to go; Goliath has to go.

Frazier can walk a little faster.

Get Tommy Hearns in there.

Duran is a far better boxer than they give him credit for.

Things need to change in that game.

im ready for a new boxing game damnit

Def Jam Icon ruined a great series.

they made rjj way too slow."

He's one of the cheapest characters in the game.

"and jermain taylor has no chin in the game."

His chin is fine. It's his body that's weak. 80 chin, 70 body if I remember right.

The slo mo replays suck. How many times can you watch the guy's face. I'd like to see the last few seconds of the knock down, so I can see the punches that set it up rather than just the reaction to the one shot.

Also, I could do better without the 2nd rate rap music.