Fight Night Rd 4 lets play NOW!

360 tag MayhemMonkey014

You do not want none of this son. I'll counter shot your belly until you're pooping pixels.

lets fight then!

I cannot my friend, I am at work for another 3.5 hours. I just wanted to come and brag about how I would beat you.

Bear in mind, I have a 30-8 record.

Also, I seldom fight anyone who has a winning record, so... Yeah.

I'm 10-7!

But I'm not playing ranked for awhile till I get much better

I got the game with the quickness, and got early wins online by countering.

I am embarrassed however. I lost to a KIMBO CAB, who threw nothing but right hands. The whole fight. Right hands. How the hell did I lose?

ok I lied, just played a bunch of ranked games anyway now I'm 13-9

I'll be on tomorrow after that UFC thing, something about people fighting in a cage? I don't know, supposedly it has happened 100 times and has no rules, we'll see