Fight Night Round 2

check out the above big tigger this year either!

is this game different from Fight Night 2005?

Thank God for No Big Tigger. That bastard was annoying. And if you shut him off you couldnt hear decisions.

Im scared about the Haymaker punch their adding. Their going to fuck the game up. What was wrong was the special punches? That was good enough for me. Except for the goofy Chris Byrd street Fighter turbo bullshit. But I hope they dont start adding one punch K.O.'s and ruin the game. Where skill no longer matters and shit reigns.

Funny the mentioned the cover art jinx. Me and my friends were discussing that last week. If your a football player or a boxer keep your mug of the cover. The ultimate jinx.

Mike Tyson Punchout! Tyson was upset by Douglas.

Buster Douglas for the Genesis, loses next fight.

Holyfield boxing for Genesis, gets beat by Bowe

Foremans KO boxing for Snes, Loses next fight to Tommy Morrison.

Bowe Boxing For SNES, Loses title back to Holyfield

Chavez had a SNES game come out like Bowe's same game engine loses shortly there after.

Shane Mosley gets cover for KO Kings 2001 and gets battered two fights in a row.

Lewis gets KO Kings 2003 cover for Gamecube and gets smoked by Rahman.

Roy Jones gets Fight Night and his career went to shit. One of the Greatest of alltime couldnt beat the jinx.

I heard Prince had a game come out in England before his ass whipping by Barera. Can anyone confirm that?

Also Tyson had a PS2 game come out in the same week as his KO Loss to Lewis.

same game

excellent, I should be getting it for Xmas

it won't be out for a while.....Fight night 2004 is the one out right now

Knockout Kings 2000 for the N64 kicked major ass.

I like Fight Night 2004 although for some reason I have problems throwing hooks and also with the heavy bag mini game.

true alxholic. once i got used to using the sticks, i realized its actually a better way to punch, which made the game easy after a while. its still a great game, and i think it only seems easy because it forces you to learn the game well.

I got bored with it, as I eventually devemoped a counter punching style that let me land so many uppercuts, that I was getting 2nd 3rd rouns KOs against Ali and Frazier.

That = poopy game

"I eventually devemoped a counter punching style that let me land so many uppercuts, that I was getting 2nd 3rd rouns KOs against Ali and Frazier."

lol, you just described my gaming experience with that game EXACTLY. only im not quite bored with it yet. i sure as hell land a bunch of right hooks and uppercuts too

you have to move well around the ring against runners and put them in the corner and pound on them there.

Like people above said, the game got easy once you get good at it, but then so happens in any other game that you get good at.

From the interview it sounds like they're adding a tonn of good stuff to improve on already a pretty good game. I'm interested how clinching and "haymaker" will work out, and the cutman mini game sounds cool too. I just hope they get rid of stupid runners in the game, they were just annoying and didn't add anything to the gameplay.

I own at this game.

With runners back them in to the ropes and throw hooks to the body as they try to move laterally, then follow up with fast hooks to the head, or just stand your ground and parry and counter as they will come to you.

It is too easy though, and if you get good at it you destroy everyone at it. No one in my house will play me as they get KOd in a couple of rounds everytime.

yeah, the fucking runners piss me off. i am pretty good about being able to corner and use the techniques above, but sometimes the runners are very good at running, and before i can corner them, the slip away.

fucking pussies

"BTW I never really got into Fight Night 2004, I didnt like using the direction stick to punch, and when id fight the good fighters in Career mode id always get owned badly."

You can use buttons too or both stick and buttons.

KOK 2000 for N64 ruled. Only flaw was that the low blow could be done over and over and got through most punches.