Fight Nights Battle of Moscow 4 Live now ...

 Main event Rasul Mirzaev vs Masanori Kanehara

Also on the card Shamil Zavurov

 Lot of action in this one

 Combat sambo bout now , very interesting .

 Im watching on russian TV .

PS : here found on a link

 Dude in red doing some fancy moves in the last 30 secs there .

 There was sound for me , its still on right now as well .  Maybe you have sounds muted in the player or something .

Sergei Kharitonov in the house .

 Not sure , I didnt install or anything . I think this is a sopcast stream  

maybe this works

 Steven Seagull in the crowd !!

Thos events are always mixed with MMA , boxing , thai boxing and sambo .

 Zavurov coming out

Zavurov is a legit animal, he's got a crazy win streak going.

 His leg is done

 Pretty obvious , his leg was hurting after 3 kicks .

 Black Tiger with upset over Kanehara

 Thanks for posting this. Zavurov was very good as always... just upped his record to 18-1

 Good win for the Black Tiger