Fight Nite in the Flats 3 6/9/07

Ohio's biggest and most recognized annual MMA experience is just over a month away as the final fight card is nearly complete for NAAFS "Fight Nite in the Flats 3" set for the Plain Dealer Pavilion this June 9th in Cleveland.

FNF3 Featured Pro Bouts

SHW - Dan "The Bull" Bobish 16-8 (Strongstyle Fight Team) vs Nate Eddy 3-0 (Team Titan)

265 lbs – Josh "Heavy" Hendricks 17-4 (StrongStyle Fight Team) vs Andre Mussi 10-3 (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

205 lbs - Jason "Freebird" Freeman 8-1 (Vander Fighting Systems) vs Ron Faircloth 20-9 (Freestyle Fight Team)

155 lbs – Jason "Dynamite" Dent 16-7 (Team GriffonRawl) vs Mike Bogner 6-3-1 (Team Predator

170 lbs - "Smokin" Joe Heiland 7-0 (StrongStyle Fight Team) vs Jacob Eaton 1-2 (Team Predator)

145 lbs – Sonny Marchette 1-1 (Independent) vs Dan "The Pennsylvania Hitman" Swift 27-24 (Team DNA)

185 lbs - John Soeder 3-0-1 (StrongStyle) vs Taiwon "The Iron Dragon" Howard 5-1 (Rising Dragon)

265 lbs – Joe McCall 1-0 (Independent) vs Justin Black 5-0 (Wreckroom Athletics)

NAAFS Preliminary Bouts

265 lbs - Josh "The Sandman" Stansbury 7-1 (Next Level Fight Team) vs Felix "The Cat" Catheline 2-0 (Wreckroom Athletics)

145 lbs – Zach Moomey 6-1 (Scodova's MMA and Kickboxing) vs Paul "Str8 Outta" Compton 8-0 (Team Warfare)

265 lbs - John "The Showstopper" Hedges 2-1 (Team Warfare) vs Norm "The Jackhammer" Carriero 2-0 (Independent)

185 lbs - Chuck Ellison 5-1 (Instigator Fight Team) vs Mark Hoppel 5-0 (Next Level Fight Team)

175 lbs - Silas "The Virus" Maynard 2-0 (Strong Style Fight Team) vs Ricky "The Thriller" Miller 3-0 (Jungle Fight Team)

155 lbs – Bill Feinberg 1-0 (Jungle Fight Team) vs Kevin Rothacker 0-0 (Strong Style Fight Team)

205 lbs – Joe "The Giant Killer" Lewis 3-0 (Wreckroom Athletics) vs TBA

185 lbs - Nick "The Savage" Duell 4-2 (Jungle Fight Team) vs TBA

170 lbs - Kellyn Hughes 5-1 (Next Level Fight Team) vs TBA

*All bouts subject to change

Tickets for Fight Nite in the Flats 3 are now on sale and going very fast. Fans can call the NAAFS Ticket Hotline at 330-280-8442 or

Good card.



great card!!!!

yes sir...this will be Smokin Joes pro debut. He had nothing left to prove as an amateur so good move IMHO.

Joe Lewis will be fighting Tim Farr I believe-right guys?

Greg-call me. I have some ideas about filling the gaps;)

will do....



Joe Lewis vs Tim Farr is confirmed.


ttt for an amazing show i always ask to get on ;)

need any 170lbers?




The "Cat" is out and Lisi is in, call me to seal the deal.

By the way I told you Lisi would win by KO


calling now.....

Thanks Greg,

I like this fight as well, but Im not going to tell you how Lisi is going to win it.