fight of the century

fred eddish vs. shannon rich

that would be the greatest fite in history

At least spell the name right on the check. It's Ettish.



Fred should beat 'BANNED' into your skull

Sounds like a plan, to me.



No no... Fred Eddish and Shannon Rich that Jordan mentions, are not who you guys are thinking (Fred Ettish and Shannon Ritch)

Eddish and Rich are two absolute badasses that are going to be making waves soon

  • snickers and walks away from the keyboard *

I'm 50.



I just watched Fred's UFC fight again. We have seen worse beatdowns in recent UFC's between guys of the same size who trained years for the event and knew exactly what they were getting into. None of which was the case for him.

Fred showed heart, tried to use the techniques he was familiar with under fire - he gets off some decent snap front kicks, and had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

The best is that he used his fight exactly the way we all should use competition - as a test to see where we need to get better. It is my understanding that he completely changed the way he trained after that.

Respect to Fred.