Fight of the night

Tyson Griffin match was the fight of the night.
Those guys went to war and that was a very close fight that I think could have gone either way.
Now Thats what MMA should look like.


I agree, that was awesome!

Damn straight, that fight was awesome!

(where were you Mark? Kerry's place was nearly empty!)

I dunno what was worse - Mazzigatti telling Griffin to continue fighting after getting a knee to the junk, or Mazzigatti not stopping the fight when Edgars leg was bending the other way.

Of the night? That is a contender for Fight of the Year. Big things for both guys, in the future.

That fight was awesome. What a beautiful display of wrestling by both guys.

ttt great fight

I was really impressed with Edgar, I didn't think he'd be able to hang with Griffin, let alone beat him.  Great fight.

one of the best fights ive ever seen

was a good fight!

Lyoto Machida looked very very good against Hogar! Nice striking and slick ground game. Half guard sweeps and hes a karate guy!


Those two are truely amazing - a fight between
either of these two vs Menjivar would be nice.